Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Working Everyday......

Good afternoon!
I'm dropping in now as I have a spare couple of hours before heading back to work so I thought I'd use them wisely! I'm not having a fabulous day to be honest but things can only get better, right?! I think the WORKING EVERYDAY thing is starting to catch up with me. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can start to arrange things a little better, I have asked my boss at job no.2 if I can have the same day off every week which means I can use this as a day at the gym and Hastings and hopefully also get another day off to myself in the week, I'm going slightly loopy! Anyway enough of the downer lets get on with today..........

I was up at 5.30am to get ready for work at the gym, hahaha look how thin my arms look! I wish they were like that! The best way to take a photo is from above for sure!

Before going to the gym I had a giant smoothie topped with salted peanuts, yum!

2 clients trained it was my turn:

25 minute circuit
90 minutes Bikram

I was hoping the yoga would calm me stress head.......not so much!

Back home for lunch:
steamed veggies and potatoes in a vegan pesto with 2 boiled eggs

I really enjoyed this yummy concoction. I also had a pumpkin 9bar no pic sorry!

I've just enjoyed a coffee and am going to chill for a while before heading back to work : )


Have you ever been in the situation of working everyday, how did you cope?

I've been here before and I'm sure I'll be here again but JEEZ its tough!


  1. The only time I've worked every day was during uni / college when I would work all weekend then be at college all day and work on evenings too. I think theres only so much you can do before you suffer from serious burn out, you'll have to take good care of yourself chick. Hope you can arrange to have your days off sorted. I know how tough it is when you need to make a living though! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Well I once worked for 12 days without a break and thought that was crazy.. but you are so impressive! I could never do that forever and ever! You definitely deserve some rest though!

    btw, re meeting: I'm free on most weekends except for 14/15 (quick trip back home). It's completely up to you :)

  3. You must have some stamina! When I was at uni I was on placement in a school 5 days, worked at the weekends and one evening and that was so hard- I went to sleep at about 9pm (but I did have to get up at 5am to catch the bus) and am not sure how I did it. I am too old for that now though!!!!

  4. yep - I didn't last... kept falling asleep at odd hours :) Take it easy on yourself x x May the 4th be with you! Hee hee x

  5. 90 minutes of Bikram yoga ! wow girl, you must have so much stamina to go to work after that. I hope you are able to get your day-off sorted at work. Good luck with everything.