Sunday, 22 May 2011

What Made You Smile?

I'm back after a busy few days, I last saw you on Thursday and its been full steam ahead since then. I have a few random photos from the past days, so shall we.........

Friday morning I went to the gym early to get a workout in before my first client:

30 minute circuit, 15 minute run, 15 minute spin

Followed by a tasty bowl of Adults Only Muesli mixed with soy yogurt and berries. The muesli is delicious by the way : )

I then grabbed an iced coffee before setting off to Hastings

First up I went to meet my friend Steve. I used to work with him in Orange and still like to meet up and get all the gossip! We got a drink in Costa, this time I went for a peach iced tea.....

We sat on the seafront with our drinks and chatted for about an hour, awwwww I miss Steve

I then grabbed some food from my favorite health food store, which I ate at my friend Waynes:

Millet and rice pesto pasta with mushrooms and sprouts = delicious

I also had a nakd bar before heading off to the old town to see my sister and then I went to train my client......breath!

Before driving back to Brighton I met my new client and gave her a consultation : )


I had a smoothie for breakfast which as always was delish

Saturday I was worked at job no.2

It was quite so when lunch came round I couldn't wait to dig in to my tuna and veggie mess!

Saturday night was date no.4! We went to the cinema to see Attack the Block. Luckily the company made up for the terrible film! Take my advice and don't bother spending your cash on this film it was poop!

Today I haven't taken any pics, sorry! I just needed to not if you get me?!

I have a very busy week ahead, when don't I! But hopefully I can get some posts in even if they are rushed : )


Tell me something that made you smile this weekend?

My date made me smile : )


  1. I made homemade bagels today for the first time and they made me smile. They are all misshapen and wonky but very cute and no doubt very tasty!

  2. Your date sounds fantastic :-)

    mini-me-jnr has made me smile MANY times this weekend, right now he is rolled up in his slip & slid he got for his birthday because he can't wait to try it out!!!! :-)

  3. Glad you date went well :-) My run and making another cacao coconut frappe made me smile this weekend!

  4. My run on Saturday made me smile :)
    Glad your date went well.

  5. hearing the hubby scream in the shower as his daughter turned the water ice-cold made me laugh out loud - hee hee :D x x