Saturday, 28 May 2011

Saturday : )

Hello : )
Yay its Saturday and my last work day till Tuesday is over, happy days! I've had a pretty average day and am now chilling on the sofa with the thoughts of a lay in making me smile : )

My day started with the usual giant smoothie topped with soy yogurt, seeds and almonds.
This bad boy was a tummy filler for sure!

After getting ready for job no.2 and eating breakfast I jumped in the car with plenty of time for my usual circling around on a Saturday morning to find a parking space in the free zone. I actually found a space pretty quick which was a first, this gave me time to admire some temporary art.........

The Brighton Festival is starting and there are lots of free things to enjoy and look at.......

I've been seeing this progress over the past week, the cars were all white yesterday.........

Now they are all pretty and very cool!

I like this one

But this is my favorite : )

I grabbed a soy latte from costa then work, which was so bloody quite!

Lunch to break the boredom: 2 perfectly boiled eggs, steamed veg and tom sauce

I followed this with the last of my soy yogurt, an apple and some german biscuits crumbled on top! So good!

After work I went to Bikram. It was a great class and no.4 for me this week which felt amazing!

Home and hungry as always I whipped up some steamed chicken and vegetables and had it in a tom and tahini sauce. The tahini really made this fab : )

I plan to have a lay in tomorrow, body clock depending! I have found that if I wear my eye mask I seem to be able to sleep longer so that will defo be worn tonight! I also plan to have a day of chilling tomorrow I have no where to be and nothing to do, I may pop to Asda to grab some petrol but that's about it till my date arrives ; )

Have a fab Sunday and bank holiday I may not have time to drop Sunday but I'll be back Monday for sure!


What particular exercise do you never get bored of?

I do circuits at the gym to keep things fun and my body guessing but Bikram is my thing these days. Even though it has the same 26 poses every time I never get bored it pushes me every class I progress pretty much every class and come out feeling amazing! I'm a total yoga convert it has also fixed my back completely (remember when I hurt it all that time ago?) which is pretty bloody cool!


  1. That art installation looks amazing. I really want to try Bikram yoga! I'm not getting bored of outdoor runs at the moment as I always seem different things and go on a different route each time :) x

  2. I really wish I could try bikram! It sounds so wonderful. I never seem to get tired of the gym and interval training. I'm definitely not getting tired of body pump either! Hope you have a lovely weekend :-)