Monday, 9 May 2011

The Real Food Festival

Well hello how are we all?!
Its been a while since I last popped by so I have some catching up to do. I've had a busy weekend with lots of fun, feeling very tired now though...........

Friday I went to Hastings to spend some time with my sister, see friends and train clients, I ate some apple, cinnamon, soy yogurt and walnuts for lunch : )

I also got to hang out with the babies again! I am in love with these cuties : )

I'm obsessed!


Giant foot!


One more : )

Ok enough of the kitty's Saturday I went to meet my friend for coffee before setting off to the big smoke.......

We went to the Real Food Festival!

I bought enough cereal to last quite a while!

Ate a delicious lunch

Watched a sheep show

and ate lots of cake!

We also popped into the city center, all in all a fab day. I was knackered by 4ish and was happy to get be=ack on the train back to Hastings. I got this bar free so thought I'd eat it to keep me going till dinner

I spent the evening round my friend Waynes

Sunday morning I new exactly what I wanted for breakfast, cereal!

This was delish with soy milk and a banana : )

I spent the morning with my sister before having to train a client

Just one more, so cute!

After training my client I was back on the road back to Brighton for date no.2!

All I'm saying is date no.2 was fab ; )

Today I was back in the gym and also job no.2. No food shots as I had so many from the weekend! I saw a rainbow when I finished work so thought I should share : )

Wow I am so tired, I had a late night and was up early which means I need to get some snooze in. Hope you all had a fab weekend, farewell for now x x


Did you go to the Real Food Festival, have you ever been?

I went last year and loved it so had to go again, it didn;t disappoint there were lots of great things to try and spending the day with Wayne is always good : )


  1. Such cute kitties! The Real Food Festival looks great, will definitely have to pay it a visit next year! x

  2. your sister's place looks really cool - very creative :)

  3. I've never heard of the Real Food festival, being all the way up here in the sticks of Anglesey, everything fun is so far away! I would love to make it down to London for some sort of food festival soon though!

  4. I really need to try and go to some of these festivals in london at some point if only for the swag! Glad your date went well!

  5. I love what your sister has done with her pictures, so creative :-)
    I've tbh never heard of the real food show, it sounds like something I would enjoy though. Is it annual?

  6. I've never been to the Real Food Festival, but if it is anything like the Vitality Show I'm sure it is great! :D