Thursday, 12 May 2011


I have returned! How are we all?
I am absolutely pooped! I have to be honest this working non-stop is catching up with me, roll on Sunday when I have the day off (first in a month and half!) My post tonight is kind of random, I have some goodies to show and some yummy food but no set days of meals...........

My sister got me these cute sweeties, too cute to eat?!

So I thought I'd share the goodies I picked up at the Real Food Festival with you, first up I bought some Pack Tunch which I love : )

Some alara maca muesli, which I have wanted to try for ages! I was so pleased to see this being sold there I snapped a box up : )

Maca = Adults Only!

More cereal! I became a cereal monster. £5 for 4 boxes of Natures Path?!
I couldn't say no to that deal : )

I have tried the Ginger, Cashew and Cinnamon which is divine!

I have also had some of the Cherry and Coconut, wow so good!

I received these high strength cod liver oil supplements to try the other day, more on this in another post. I'm thinking the oil may be ok for smoothies?

Right the next few photos are of some of the food that has passed my lips over the past couple of days..........


Oh pack tunch how I love thee : )

Yesterday and today I ate veggies in vegan pesto with boiled eggs and hummus

I'm still loving plain natural peanuts : )

This was a bad boy snack, I ate it a couple of hours before bikram and it kept me going

Obviously my post wouldn't be complete without a smoothie pic somewhere within it! Ok randomness over hope your still with me?!

I have been to Bikram over the past few days, still loving it. I actually manged to wrap my legs like ropes today! This means nothing unless you do Bikram so if you do give me some love!

I have a busy weekend coming up but I shall be dropping in tomorrow as I have the evening to myself, until then.........


Have you tried any of the goodies I picked up?

I still haven't tried the muesli, can't wait to dig in!

P.S A while back I received some Rice Dream to review but forgot to link their facebook page so here goes: Rice Dream Facebook Page


  1. I really want to try that "adults only" museli - looks awesome! x

  2. I love that Natures Path cereal- I reviewed it a while back and the ginger one is amazing- so different from other cereals. The cherry one is good too- I was not so keen on the maple as it was so sweet (Andy loved it though). That is a total bargain :)

  3. I haven't tried any of those goodies - the cereals and muesli look fab - I love cereals!