Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not Enough Hours In the Day

Hello Hump day readers!!!!! How's it going?
I've super busy which is why I've been MIA since Monday!
But here I am to check in with you guys : )

I started my day with a 6am workout at the gym before my first client:

10 min cross trainer, 10 min stair mill, 10 min run - all intervals

Breakfast was sooooooo good! I had a mix of fresh berries, soy yogurt, oats and seeds with a little cinnamon for good measure : )

Then I made my way to job no.2

A quite day in the shop meant when lunch came round I couldn't wait to take 30 minutes to sit an enjoy........

steamed veggies, tom sauce, sprouts and 2 perfectly boiled eggs

Followed by an apple, peanuts, yogurt and a few raisins

After job no.2 I made my way to the gym to train some clients

Home and in need of a quick dinner a smoothie was on the menu, chocolate and berry yum!

So that's my day I shall be working both the gym and the shop again tomorrow then Friday I'm just working in the morning all going well, I'm looking forward to getting some time to sort out home stuff, there aren't enough hours in the day! Do you feel the same? I could do with at least and extra 5hrs in my days!

Hopefully I can post tomorrow but I think I may be returning Friday to be honest, have a nice Thursday if I don't drop in : )


Have you got any plans for the bank holiday?

I actually have 2 days off!!!!! Yep Sunday and Monday I'm free and I can't wait!
I have plans to go out with the girls on Saturday, date no.5 on Sunday and Monday well who knows.......... : )


  1. I forgot it was a bank holiday - result! :D

  2. You do seriously beautiful eating girl - those pics of just one day's meals should turn every fizzy drink/fast food obsessive into a healthy eating god/goddess! Great site, keep that camera rolling!

  3. I know what you mean, I could often do with a few more hours! I don't have anything planned for the BH yet, I will probably have a trip into town but at the moment all I want to do on my day's off is chill!

  4. Yay for your exciting weekend plans ahead :)
    I have (hopefully if the ash cloud does not return) my marathon this weekend ahhhh! And then nothing else except recovering!
    Enjoy your date

  5. Real healthy eats. I especially love the colours of the berries.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Oh, i tried to pick out one of your plates that was my face, but I couldn't, they all look so scrummy! My holiday will be spent shopping, of course! Enjoy x

  7. Awww love your eats! Look so good!
    Oh gosh, I can't wait for this weekend! I have a job interview tomorrow and I am so freaking nervous!
    How's the dating going? I met some guy (brillinat, handsome, is probably not from Earth...) as well. Ah! We really need to arrange a meet-up! (btw check your facebook e-mail ;)).

  8. I'm working this weekend, but still off for a night out :-) Enjoy ur weekend!

  9. I'm planning in lots of rest, lots of sleep and lots of movies this weekend!