Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hey guess what my blog post returned : )
Thankfully as I didn't really wanna repost to be honest!

I have another post of catch up pics, no full food days but there is cake...........

I started Saturday with a giant smoothie, topped with coconut and sunflower seeds

Then I was on the road to Hastings to see my papa, sister and train a client

Awwwwwww my sisters babies went in for their ops, bless her!

I can go into my sisters with snapping the kittens they're just too cute

I had to help my sister with delivering cupcakes for wedding, didn't she do well they're so beautiful!

My sister makes the best cakes, I did have one minus the icing : )

After the cakes were delivered I was off to train my client. I did the session with her and we had a complete sweat fest and ab destroyer workout!

Back to Brighton for date no.3

My date likes oreos so I picked this cupcake up for him

Date 3 went well, there is going to be a 4th : )

The only meal I have taken a picture of today! Veggies and tuna, delish : )

I have enjoyed a nice lazy Sunday, its been fab not having anywhere to be.

I have a busy Monday coming up and a busy week in general, but I have got Tuesday off hurrah! Time to carry on chillaxing for the last few hours of my Sunday


How was your weekend, did you do anything fun?

You got the low down on mine now tell me yours!


  1. Hey, I ran, ran, ran, studied, did some work, cleaned, ran, ran, and went "awhhh" when I read about your date :) x x

  2. Oh a fourth date, exciting! I've just enjoyed catching up with my friends and fam :-)

  3. Yay for another date :) and those cupcakes look amaze!
    I had a fun gentle weekend- garden centre, planting, running, baking and I got my new food processor! Yay!

  4. OMG those cupcakes look amazing. I had a fairly relaxed weekend visting my parents and out for a cycle ride.

  5. A lazy Sunday was just what the doctor would have ordered you, glad it was good xx

  6. Those cupcakes look beautiful! Im so glad that the dating thing is working out sonwell. :-)