Sunday, 29 May 2011

Innocence Juice......Yes Please!

I have time on my hands so I couldn't think of anything better than coming to say hi to you guys! I've had a great Sunday so far just doing what I want, no where I have to be and nothing I need to do, other than what I want : )

My body clock being the nasty BLEEEEEP! that it is had me up at 6.30am! At least it wasn't 5am right? I eventually got out of bed and made a coffee, stuck on Kill Bill and chillaxed in bed till my tummy started to rumble............

I picked up some fruit n fibre yesterday at the shop, years ago I used to eat this and I really fancied some. I had a giant bowl with an apple and soy milk for breakfast, delicious!

After watching Kill Bill I showered and decided to get to Asda early before the rush but.......

I messed around with my hair for a bit!

I got a few bits in Asda including.........

A few weeks ago I was sent some juice vouchers from the kind people at Innocence Juice

They've been sitting in my bag for ages as I am not a great juice drinker but I thought I'd give it a go today........

I swapped my vouchers for a bottle of apple juice and orange juice with bits!

I had a glass of the apple........YUM! This is seriously good juice at £1.98 a bottle its not cheap but its only got natural stuff no added sugar so if I was gonna buy juice this would be a top pick : )

Back from the shops it was lunch time so I smoothied it up! I've used up the last of my soy protein and have decided not to replace it so in this I had some pea protein. The soy obviously had some sweeteners in it but this is just plain so i added a little extra stevia, it was a great tasting smoothie as always : )

Right time to get ready my date is on his way.......... : )


Have you tried innocence juice?

If you like juice get some of this!


  1. I <3 Innocent juices. I'm not an apple juice fan at all but the Innocent one I find to be really tasty. Yum x

  2. I haven't tried the innocent juice, like you I'm not much of a juice person! Looks like you had a fun day - I love your hair accessories and I now have a huge craving for fruit and fibre!

  3. Ooh, date night! Oh to be young and free :) I love Kill Bill x x

  4. i havent tried their juice. love their smoothies and veg pots. xx

  5. I'm not a big juice drinker either but I do love freshly squeezed OJ with bits from time to time!

  6. Hi pretty! I'm not much of a juicer- like the pulp too much and love to chew (except with smoothies- well I chew those too- from a bowl with a spoon) but glad you're liking this!

    Sad but no chance for a meetup this time- we're on guernsay and will go straight to cotswolds then to cornwall before home :-( Miss our coffees. besides that sign told us to eat more cake :-) HOpe you're well!