Thursday, 5 May 2011

Farewell For The Weekend : )

Hello! Another lovely sunny day : )
Have you had a little time to enjoy the weather or have you been working like me? The most sun I see is while I'm driving/walking to work but at least I get some right?!

Today I was up early to get to my 7am yoga class, for some reason it felt crazy hot in there today. I know its Bikram so its always crazy hot but today it was a scorcher!

Got home and smoothied it up! Um slight peanut addiction here!

After breakfast I sorted the hair and then had to go to the hospital. Nothing serious : )

Back home for lunch, I had:
steamed veggies/pots topped with tuna/pesto/mayo mix + raw mushrooms
Wow this was good!

I think broccoli may be my favorite veggie.........

Before going to the gym to train clients I had an apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and sunflower seeds

Ok dudes its another no blog weekend got a crazy busy time ahead I'm afraid : (
Here's the run down:

Gym train clients, Hastings tattoo consultation, hair cut, train client stay at my sisters
Go to London with my friend Wayne, stay at his for movie night
Train client, back to Brighton, DATE NO.2!

So you got the low down, hope you have a fab weekend peeps x x


Whats your favorite vegetable?

I think if forced to choose it would definitely be broccoli love it!


  1. Fave veggie - brocc as well! It's so hard to choose though! Brussels come in a quick second...and kale...and get the point ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. Carrots, definitely carrots for me. Such variety for starters and then preparation alternatives are endless ......
    "DATE NO.2!" ...... *swoon* :-)

  3. Fave veg:Beetroot! YUM!

    Your package arrived yesterday: I love it! Thank you so much! And I love the magazines, not read that one before! :)

  4. Think mine has to be asparagus love it!!!! Corn on the cob is pretty good too. I'm i'm obsessed with chilli garlic roasted cauliflower at the mo! x

  5. Ah no we could have met up!! ;) Message me your free dates on FB if you've got the time. I really want to go down to Brighton.. I miss it!! xx