Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Easy Start to the Working Week

Good evening readers, how are we today?
I'm all good been a pretty easy day for me which has been nice, easing my way back into the working week : )

I was at the gym early for my first client and with a 30 minute break before my next I took the opportunity to sit and eat my breakfast and read the paper.........

Apologies for the lighting! I had a bowl of mixed berries, oats, seeds and soy yogurt, topped with cinnamon. Yummy and filling

After training my next client, I had a quick 20 minute spin before heading to Bikram

I got home and enjoyed a glass of my innocence juice, I love OJ with bits!

For lunch I had some chicken and veggies with a big dollop of hummus

Yum, I got some asparagus and it was lovely!

Before heading back to the gym to train another client I had some sliced apple, soy yogurt, cinnamon and almonds

I only had one client which meant I finished at 6pm, woo hooooooo

I had a smoothie with apple slices for dipping when I got home

Tomorrow I have a much busier day, starting with a 10am Bikram class then I shall be in the gym till 8pm, same on Friday so I may not return till Friday by the looks of things.

Have a fab couple of days x x x


Do you take your orange juice with or without bits?

I like with : )


  1. OJ with bits is the best!

    ps: July is perfectly fine! I hope I will be settled with a job and a flat by then. Fingers crossed.