Friday, 13 May 2011

Disappearing Blog Post : (

Grrrrrrrrrrr! The post I did yesterday seems to have disappeared! Not happy : (
It had loads of pictures, not good I'll have to redo it another day not tonight I'm afraid as I'm way too tired.

Anyway how are we all? I'm pretty done for to be honest, one client to train tomorrow and then I might collapse! No I'm not that bad but I am starting to flake at the moment things are getting a little too much..........

I started my day with some muesli, soy milk and an apple, I ate this after a killer circuit and spin session at the gym.

Then it was off to job no.2

It was awfully quiet and the day seemed to last forever, I was glad when lunch time came round!

Steamed veggies, mushrooms and hummus

Followed by an apple the last of my soy yogurt, peanuts and raisins.

I can't believe my post has disappeared that is UBER annoying, its in my twitter time line but the link just goes to Tuesdays post : (

Oh well whats done is done!

I have my first day off in over a month and half on Sunday and plan to chillax big time. My weekend is going to be pretty busy all the same. Tomorrow I am going to yoga in the morning, drivning to Hastings to see my sister and dad as well as train a client then its back to Brighton for date no.3! Apparently this is the decider date, well so I'm told? I'm just going with the flow, we seem to get on so only time will tell! Then Sunday who knows but relaxing is going to play a big part!

Right need to sort things before tomorrow, I will repost my disappearing post for you all promise : )


Date 3 the decider?

Some advice for a girl that's been single for 9yrs!!!!!!!


  1. Apparently blogger has been down for a while due to maintenance work. I hope your post comes back up-that is annoying!

  2. Having been with someone for 15yrs I would say....dum dum dah.....forget about the third date thing. Its just another've been a duet for 9 yrs so enjoy it.

  3. I agree, just more of the same ..... great dates :-)

    eblogger went "under maintenance last night and I couldn't post but managed to copy my content and use it today.

  4. Just go and enjoy your date - and FYI blogger has been all over the place - your blog post should come back x

  5. I've never followed the number of dates rules.. I've just gone with the flow - best of luck though!