Monday, 16 May 2011


Good afternoon or evening depending on when your reading. I'm free for a couple of hours and with a late night at the gym ahead I thought I'd get a post in now : )

I actually got 8hrs sleep last night and feel good for it, even though I still need more to catch up after the weekend!

My first client was at 8am which gave me time to make breakfast before leaving. Enter a giant spinach and berry smoothie, this was sooooooooooo good!

After training my client I had a 20 minute run on the treadmill then went to Bikram before heading home for lunch..........

Yes folks I have had an urge to eat some meat?! I haven't eaten meat since Christmas last year but my body was calling so I listened. I bought some organic chicken and steamed it for lunch.

With my chicken I had some steamed veggies in a tomato sauce. Yum! I have to admit this was delicious, I enjoyed every mouthful, I'm thinking I will add some meat into my diet now and again not red as that really doesn't agree but chicken is going to make more of an appearance : )

I also had an apple chopped and topped with coconut flour mixed with a little maple syrup and water. You can imagine how good this was, right?!

Nom nom nom.......

That's my Monday so far, as I mentioned I'm back at the gym tonight with my last client at 8pm so I wont be back home till 9.30ish. I actually have tomorrow off! Yep a day off I plan to do a workout in the gym followed by yoga then home to chillax for the rest of the day. I can"t wait, I do have some paper work but other than that the day is mine to enjoy : )

Bye for now x x


Do you eat meat?

I've never been a big meat eater and having gone 5 months without its not a something I miss but if I have an urge I listen. I think I need more protein in my diet, eat lots of fish, eggs and soy products but sometimes its not enough. The chicken was good : )


  1. Nope, but after being vegan for a couple of months I am considering eating yoghurt and cheese again on very rare occassion. I mentioned some stuff about labels in a blog post and I agree with all the comments that I got around being flexible with your diet - good for you following your bodies needs!

  2. Hey- I am a veggie but I really never liked any meat, so don't even like quorn and whatnot. So no I do not eat meat. But that is just me :)
    Your smoothie looks amazing by the way.

  3. I've never been and never intend on being vegetarian, but I have cut down a lot on meat in the past few months, mainly because I prefer things like beans and pulses, tofu and and quinoa as my protein sources.
    If I've gone a few weeks without meat I often fancy a really juicy chicken breast and I like the flexibility of being an omnivore, especially when I'm eating out.

  4. I'm a meat eater, but I don't feel like I need to have it with every meal. or even every day! I often go a few days without it without even noticing! I find that I go through periods where all I crave is steaks, chicken and Bolognese, and other times it doesn't even seem to register on my radar of what to eat!

  5. I am a meat eater, always have been. I gave up once in my early 20's after watching a documentary but once the memory had faded I slowly started up eating meat again.

  6. I couldn't live without meat, even if I wanted to, due to allergies. I love chicken though, I don't think I could ever give up!

  7. Couldn't live without meat! I have to really fancy red meat but chicken, turkey and fish I absolutely adore.