Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Bug Turned Yellow

Hey everybody, I'm here but not for long this is gonna have to be a rushed post as its pretty late and I plan a workout before my first client tomorrow morning so I gotta be up early!

After a full 8hrs sleep! I got up and made a yummy berry and coconut smoothie

I spent most of the day at home, I was gonna go to yoga but didn't, I was gonna go to the gym early but didn't, and with my first client not till 5pm it was a day at home : )

I did sort out some session plans so not completely unproductive! I think it was the best idea to have the day off exercise to be honest my right quad has been killing but now feels fine after a rest so I'm ready for my killer morning workout!

The random blog post title refers to the bug I pictured on Tuesday. It was black with red spots now look at it!

I at in the sun a little to soak up some Vitamin D too : )

Lunch was the same as yesterday's dinner but I mixed some hummus in with the tuna : )


I also had an apple with soy yogurt, chia seeds and cinnamon

After my lazy day i made my way to the gym to train my clients and now I'm home. I scoffed a bowl of cereal with a banana too fast to photo when I got back!

Well that's me, time to get ready for bed now. I have a busy Friday, it starts with a workout for me, then I train a client. Drive to Hastings meet my friend Steve for coffee, go see my sister, train a client then meet my NEW client for her consultation, yay!


Night x x x


What you doing tomorrow?


  1. Your smoothie pics always make me miss my blender! I need to get one asap (first I need a job though.. haha).
    One more day until the weekend! yay!

  2. I'm preparing a talk that I am giving to my department next week! Not at all fun! :(

  3. God you sound so busy! Today I'm working from home - just taking a tea break now to read blogs! While I remember, I might be making a trip to Brighton in July if your up for meeting?

  4. How exciting about the bug!
    Tomorrow I am having a short run and going to the cinema yay

  5. Wow you are always so busy!! I love your posts they're so inspirational how you manage to keep a healthy balance between work, exercise, food and dating ;).

    Tomorrow I'll be in the library studying for my final University exam before going to my part-time job at the weekends. How boring!!

  6. reading your blog whilst waiting for the boxing to come on the telly :)

  7. I need to get my smoothies back on the menu. I have such a sweet tooth so they do tend to hit the spot. I am also a fellow Brit living down South. Not quite as lucky as where you are, living in Brighton. I absolute adore it there for the shops and a run along the front. Today will be mostly spent studying. (PT Diploma) Well thats the plan.... ;-)