Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello bloggers!
Wow its been a whole 3 days, what you been up too? I've been having fun and nursing hangovers! I'm dropping in late so this is gonna be a quick one!

Saturday I was out on the town with some girlie friends! We went to an 80's disco in a club called The Haunt it was so much fun! Pretty crowded but the music was really good, all the best classics : )

Sunday morning and a smoothie was needed!

I trained a client in the afternoon then went on my date...........

We went to an American diner and I ate some fries, you can see my dates arm......
It went pretty well and that's all ya getting for now!

The only thing I remembered to photo on Sunday was breakfast! Um me and the date had a few ciders so I was in need of some hot breakfast I got a pastie on the way to work, wholemeal vegetable. It was delish!

Today started with a smoothie, I haven't exercised for 4 days!!!!!!! Felt pretty gruesome to be honest, and all day had been longing for my yoga class!

Peanut butter and oatcakes for snackage

King prawn and rice salad from M&S

Apple and peanuts about an hour or so before yoga.

Yoga was tough but I loved it and can't wait to go tomorrow. I feel pretty rank, bloated and wrong! I've over done it on the food and booze this bank holiday so am looking forward to getting back to my routine and having some killer workouts : )

Time to get into bed.......


What kind of music do like while out on the town?

I have to admit I am a total 80's lover! Its so easy to mess about to, I also love some chessy chart stuff too, anything I can act the fool too! hahahaha x


  1. I love some good 80's cheese! I do like hip hop and rnb when I go out dancing on the town, so much fun! I'm so excited to find out more about your fella!

  2. Sounds like you had a great bank holiday! I mostly prefer rnb when I'm out or some cheesy pop to dance to! x

  3. I'm into rock, metal and indie, but a bit of 80's on a night out is perfect for getting everyone dancing! Good luck with the dating :)