Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Apples and Oatcakes

Good afternoon!
I dropping by now as I have a break before heading back to the gym later. My day has been pretty busy so far but I have a few hours to chillax and what better to do than come say hi : )

It seems many of you have never heard about the Real Food Festival!? It is held every year and is well worth a visit, there are lots of free samples and new foods to try and some great bargains to be had. I still need to photo the goodies I bought, I only got a couple of bits this time I actually had some self control! Hopefully I'll put them up in the next few days : )

Anyway lets get to Tuesday so far...........

I was up and out of bed at 5.30am to get ready for my Bikram class at 7am. I love this morning class, early I know but such a fantastic way to start the day. After freshening up I ate my breakfast at the gym before my first client:

2 apples + oat cakes and tahini = yummy!

After training my clients I picked up a couple of packages from the post office, more on that another time, then made my way home for lunch. I had a giant chocolate and berry smoothie for lunch and as always it was delicious!

Smoothie: 1 scoop choc soy protein powder, 1dsp cocoa, maca, gums, green tea, lots of spinach, frozen berries and ice, toppings: coconut, chia and sunflower seeds

I have to be back at the gym for 5ish and wont be back till around 8/9pm when I will be going straight to bed! I'm so tired and need to get some ZZZZZZZ's in.

Have a fab Tuesday, I'm already wishing for the weekend!


When you can't eat breakfast at home what do you take with you?

For me oat cakes + nut/seed butter and some apples is just so easy. It fills me up and causes no mess so a real winner for me : )


  1. I like some kind of cereal bar banana combo- I hardly ever have bananas at home, but on the go I love them (no washing needed!).
    I like oatcakes and nut butter, but if you put them in the same tub the oatcakes go soft, so it is a faff to put them in seperate tubs!

  2. Not eating breakfast at home is a rarity for me but suppose I'd take some fruit (apple/pear/banana) and a granola bar or an eat natural bar.

  3. I finally remembered to but oat cakes today- I keep meaning to every time I se them on your blog!

  4. Hmmmmm a cereal bar and some fruit is always good. A green smoothie to go would always be amazing too.

  5. Ah why do I always miss the best things?? I had no idea about the food festival (and I live in London) ugh!!!
    Oh well next year then..

    I sometimes eat breakfast on the run. I also really like having oat cakes, nut butter and a piece of fruit. Or also a sandwich of ww toast, nut butter and sliced banana. When I worked I often prepared some muesli the night before and then brought it to work in the morning. :)