Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday Smiles

2 days blogging in a row this is madness! ha ha ha
How are we all on this hump day?
I am A OK, its been a good Wednesday all in all........

Especially because I was looking in my wardrobe and saw these dresses that have been to tight for ages............THEY FIT! That is worth a smile : )

With no clients this morning I got to have breakfast at home, this had to mean smoothie time! Wow this was soooooooo good, in the mix:

frozen berries, strawberry soy protein powder, maca, linseeds, the gums, 2 giant handfuls of spinach, stevia, PB2 and lots of ice! Topped with a little cocoa cherry bear granola, coconut and chia seeds

Tummy filled I got my stiff together and made my way to the gym for a circuit before yoga. My circuit included 1 arm, 1 leg and 1 core exercise followed by 1 min skipping repeated 5 times (the exercise were different for each set) I then did 10 minutes on the stair mill before heading to my yoga class!

Lunch was the same as yesterday! I'm using up all the stuff in the cupboard so sorry if I'm boring you!

Followed by a cashew cookie nakd bar, delish!

After lunch I had to go to the hospital, I wont go into details but it seems all is well.......

Back to the gym to train some clients plus I got a new one! Yay this made my day : )

Home and dinner was a random plate of yumminess, steamed veggies, beets, hummus and 2 boiled eggs

I also had an apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and peanuts

Awwwwwww time to relax, its been a fab day, I'm looking forward to getting some shut eye then getting up for my 7am yoga class. I'm still progressing in the postures every time I go and I love the way that every class is different even though the sequence and postures are the same : )


What made you smile today?

Go on make me smile some more x x


  1. so happy for you, and loving your smile!

  2. Sounds like you had a fab day. My morning run made me smile yesterday and knowing that the weekend is only 2 days away is making me smile today!

  3. what made me smile was having to explain 'hump day' to a lot of confused looking people :D x

  4. Congratulations on the new client!
    It sounds like you had a great day!! :-D