Monday, 4 April 2011

Two Hot Guys and a Girl : )

Well I bet that post title got you thinking! Ha ha ha ha
So before I get to the meaning of my title how are you? Thank you to all that commented on my Giveaway Post and all the tweets. You have until Sunday to enter : )

First up a little rewind to last night then onto that title............

For dinner I had curried mackerel with veggies and the last of my hummus, may sound odd but it was a great combo!

Followed by a chocolate and berry protein iced pudding topped with peanuts

I used the last of my Raw Health dark chocolate in the mix which was fab!

Today I was up at the crack of dawn but decided to have breakfast before leaving for work

A coffee with rice milk + agave, a hard boiled egg and 1/4 c of muesli with rice milk and a very small apple

Perfect fuel to get me through my morning of clients and a mini circuit before heading to Bikram

Freshened up I went to meet my bestie and his man for lunch, Jonathan moved to Berlin in February but has been visiting and he made time to come see me yay! We went to a little place I have been dying to try called Foodilic

A buffet of veggies is always good, it was eat all you wanted for £6.95 but I was a good girl and just had one plate of veggie goodness : )

We got a coffee then walked round to the Pavillion

Me and Jonathan

Awwwwwwww : )
My two hotties!

We also went to the pier

Leon and Jonathan!

Me and Jonathan.......its fun to act the tourist for an afternoon!

One day I will go in the haunted house!

I love the carousel!

So pretty : )

I left the boys before heading back to the gym to train some ladies, then home!

Dinner was quick and easy, sardines with veggies and curry sauce

Followed by a giant bowl of berries and spinach and protein and and and.........

So there was my Monday best one in a while! I'm hoping to have enough money to visit Jonathan in December the Christmas markets in Berlin are calling my name!


How did you spend your Monday?


  1. I have been helping loads of lovely people and getting great feedback - which rocks! My piece of advice / help to you would be - DON'T GO IN the haunted house!!! Eek :D

  2. Aww I can't wait to visit Brighton again! My trip before Christmas didn't happen but we have pencilled in a summer visit.

    My Monday was spent at work - my last ever Monday as I start my new job next week.

  3. I've lived just an hour or so along the coast from Brighton for most of my life, yet never actually visited! It looks beautiful from the photos you've posted.

    I spend my Monday sleeping, going to seminars and attempting to speak Italian - standard week day!

  4. Those pics are making me yearn for a trip to Brighton! I should be down again in August and I can't wait! Looks like you had such a fun day, I was at work, so so boring but at least I had a really good spin class :-)

  5. Being a tourist is such fun!
    I had work and an 8 mile run on Monday :)

  6. Oooh I wanna visit Brighton!

    I'm craving mackeral like a mad woman now, must buy, must buy!!

  7. Aww, your bestie is sooo cute and so is his man! What fun you guys had being tourists!

    I've been down for the count since about mondays I think- totally sick- haven't trained AT ALL and haven't even walked!!!! ME!

    Wondered if you have used the peanut flour in anything- I'm horribly behind on blogs! I made a killer rice krispy today with maltitol (a less caloric carbohydrate syrup, pb2 and a tiny bit of oil (melt) then pour over crisped rice- fridge- AMAZE!

    Miss you!

  8. Hi there! Your bestie is so cute and so is his dude. What fun you had being tourists!!

    I've been totally sick since monday- no training- not even a walk. I'm going crazy.

    Wondered how you are liking the pb2? Been way behind reading, so let me know what you're using it for!!