Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Sunny Tuesday

Hello, wow what an amazing day! So much sunshine!
Have you had some time to soak it up or have you been stuck inside all day?

I was up early to get to the gym for my 7am client.

I then ate breakfast: oatcakes + tahini + 2 apples and a coffee

Once breakfast had digested I had a killer workout:

30 minute medicine ball circuit
10 minute intervals on cross trainer
20 minutes spin
90 minute Bikram class!

I got to come home for lunch and enjoy it in the garden :)

I had a giant smoothie

I then had to go back to the gym, annoyingly my clients canceled so i waited around for nothing! Grrrrrrr when I could have stayed home and enjoyed the sun : (

Back home again and dinner was made: sardines, vegan pesto + steamed veggies

Nice to have time to eat a hot meal for once!

I followed this with a carob iced protein mouse, it was ok not my best which means I wont tell you the recipe as I don't think its worthy of you lovely people!

I actually have the morning off tomorrow! I'll be hoping to get a little lie in.....well by lie in I mean I hope to sleep till at least 7/7.30am! My body clock is a bitch! Then it will be smoothie time before heading to the gym for a circuit then yoga.


Are you a sun worshiper?

I always like the thought of laying out in the sun (with sunscreen of course!) but never get round to it..........maybe this year!


  1. I used to be a terrible sun worshiper when I was younger, now I "pink-up" at the thought :-) I might try slowly this year, I can always dream that my tan skin will return.

  2. Definitely a sun worshipper, my mood has brightened along with the sun coming out :D

  3. I'm definitely a sun worshiper, everything seems to be brighter, better and prettier in the sun!

  4. Sadly a life-time sunworshipper and i've been getting spots cut off since I was in my 20s. I've definitely become better about SPF but I still love the sun- I think I was a cat in a previous life :-)

    Enjoy your dayyyy!

  5. I like to be sat in the shade, looking out at the sun. My skin burns easily (although it does tan slowly)- I normally have spf 50 on, because I do not think the burn/tan is worth the risk really. Plus I get too hot in the sun! Reading a book in the shade is my idea of a perfect saturday afternoon :)

  6. I love just lying out in the sun, its so relaxing!

  7. Oooh tahini ♥
    I have to get into this smoothie making malarky...
    I'm not much of a sun worshipper as the sun doesn't like me - it makes me hot pink :)