Thursday, 28 April 2011

Smoothie x 2

Hey how's is everyone?
I'm good, been a long day and am pretty tired but good all the same : )

My day started early but I managed to make a delicious smoothie before leaving to get to the gym

After training my client I was off to job no.2
It was DEAD again today! God have you ever worked somewhere when all you have to do is wait for someone to come in so you sell something?! Don't get me wrong I love my work colleagues and when there is stuff to do I love my job but the waiting is a killer! Especially when the music we have to listen to drives you insane!!!!!

I had some oat cakes and peanut butter around 11am then lunch was 2 boiled eggs, hummus and raw veggies, delish : )

This is my yoga hair! The only style I can wear without it turning into a crazy mop of hell!

Around 4pm I had an apple and some peanuts, yoga at 6 so needed some fuel : )

Yoga was great, very hot and busy but I always feel so good after sweating like a beast!

I got home late and hot, all I wanted was another smoothie so I went with it, quick and easy : )

Wow I gotta dry my hair before bed so time to snooze, night all : )

Have a fab Friday if you have it off or even if you have to work like me : (


What are you bank holiday plans?

Work, work, date, work, work!


  1. Ah it sucks you have to work.
    Love the yoga hair- a fab look.
    I am off for the weekend (its my birthday :) )- but also for a 20 mile run. So it will go like this; sightsee, sightsee, 20 mile run, hobble, collapse, eat birthday cake! :)

  2. Sitting around waiting would drive me stir crazy!
    Going to try fit in some kettlebells this weekend, but otherwise pub for lunch tomorrow, possibly London for Saturday (mate out from South Africa but we have to wait for him to get in touch), then garden time Sunday and Monday - wooohooooo I *heart* long weekends :-)

  3. I love how your smoothies are full to the brim. Yum!!!

  4. You have to tell us more about the date! I'll be BBQ, gym, run, kiddies party, BBQ so not bad!

  5. Take a photo diary of the date :D I'm doing a lot of training and work too, but I made sure I got to watch the wedding - should have been me! I would ♥ to be a princess :) x x