Thursday, 21 April 2011

Short and Sweet

Hey there! I'm dropping in pretty late so I'm keeping this short and sweet : )
I hope you've all had some time in the sun? I caught a few minutes yesterday which was bliss...........


I had time to have breakfast at home so it was smoothie time!

I then went to the gym for a mini circuit before heading to Bikram

Back to the gym to freshen up, I ate 2 apples and some oatcakes with tahini for lunch before training my clients

Dinner: quinoa, veggies + Udo oil. I invested in this oil as it has some fab health benefits.

I was at the gym till 9ish I got home and ate a nakd bar : )


Today was an early start, I had a client at 7am

Breakfast came next: coconut flour muesli, with soy milk and an apple

Off to job no.2

Lunch: mackerel, quinoa, veggies and hummus

I had a hummus urge and went to Infinity foods to grab a pot of my favorite

This bad boy was on offer and I couldn't leave it behind!

I bought this to try for was ok not sure if it helped or not?

I went to Bikram after work : )

The room was HOT and when I got home all I wanted was something cold!
Enter a giant smoothie!

Well there you go done and dusted short and sweet now its time to chillax before bed night!


Do you use sports drinks?

I never have I thought I'd give the packet above a go, it was calorie, sodium and sugar free.


  1. I use nuun, which are electrolyte tabs which you add to water. They really help as I always got headaches after runs which were over 8 miles, now I do still get them occasionally, but not after every run.

  2. Last year I used powderade for my long training runs but I hate using something so full of chemicals. This year I think I'll be sticking with coconut water when I can afford it!

  3. Thank you for that UDO oil link. An australian friend had mentioned its good but I had not started researching it yet. Available in my local H&B = fantastic :-) I look forwards to hearing any report back you may have.

  4. I had one of those Nakd bars today and it was so tasty. I have been eating Cocoa Orange and Cashew Cookie for a while and I had forgotten what the 'original' bars taasted like!

  5. I don't regularly use sports drinks but after really tough workouts where I sweat loads I drink coconut water to restore electrolytes... On long runs though I sometimes use watered down powerade!

  6. Where did you find the sports mix? I do drink them on longer runs sometimes, they seem to help but I'm not sure if it's psychological or not!