Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pretty Pudding : )

Hello bloggers! How ya doing, enjoying the sunshine?
I am well what I've seen of it that is! Yes I have been stuck inside for past 2 days and will be for the next few as well : (

Today I was up early to get to my 7am Bikram class, I love starting the day with a good sweat fest! Straight after practice I went to my gym to get ready for job no.2 I gobbled 2 boiled eggs before I could picture them!

Second breakfast of the day oat cakes PB and an apple I also had a coffee : )

Lunch: Mackerel + roasted aubergine couscous salad from M+S

Followed by a cashew cookie nakd bar, so good!

Work was DEAD! So boring I spent the day sitting doing sudoku and reading magazines wishing I was out in the sunshine!

I had to go to the gym after work to train a client and before I ate a juicy jazz apple and some peanuts

Home and ready to eat I threw together the same dinner as yesterday minus the seeds but with a very ripe and perfect avocado instead

God I love a ripe avocado!

Look at my pretty pudding!

Mixed berry protein ice cream + the BEST fish oil supplement ever yes I had too get another fill of the stuff just like yesterday. Just to answer some questions that were asked. This is sweet tasting very sweet tasting but creamy too. It is also made from fish oil and is not vegan : )

I want very flavor of this stuff!

Again I must love you and leave you, don't forget my giveaway you have until Sunday to get your funky smoothie ideas in!


  1. holy CRAP that pudding is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  2. Ahhh LOVE the look of your berry protein ice cream! I need to make myself some of this :-)

  3. That pudding looks fab! I just want one of those glasses, so amazing!

  4. I am officially hungry. YOUR FAULT.

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog. I have practically zero knowledge when it comes to nutrition so I appreciate the help!