Monday, 25 April 2011


Wow its been another amazing day of sunshine, I got to sit in it for a good 20 minutes!
Yes its been another day of mostly work and no play, all clients turned up though so all good.

The gym didn't open till 9am today so I had time to make breakfast at home today : )
Green monster topped with peanuts and linwoods flaxseed/cocoa and berries ground superfood mix

I had a morning of clients back to back which was good then a 3hr break which meant I had time to come home and chill in the garden for a bit

Lunch: oatcakes with tahini and 2 apples

I also had the last 2 of these weird but wonderful delights!

They are from Malaysia brought back by my work colleague, glutenous rice filled with bean jam?

They are kind of sweet and chewy, I liked them : )

After a refreshing iced coffee I made my way back to the gym to train my last client.
I also had a workout, 20 minutes circuit followed by 10 minutes on the stair mill and 20 minutes spin.

Wow my glutes are on fire! They were sore after yesterdays workout so I thought I better get the lactic acid moving but jeez they are still stinging! I should have gone to yoga but was too knackered, roll on tomorrows 7am class I need the heat in those bad boys!

Dinner was the same as yesterday, I got a big bag of pots and need to get through them! Only difference was an orange pepper instead of red and some spinach. I'm loving my potato urge so good!

I've been tucking into some chocolate for pud : )

I'm up early for yoga tomorrow then off to Hastings to train clients (hopefully!) and see my sister.

Have a nice Tuesday people : )


Do you eat potatoes?

I never usually eat them other than sweet pots that is but I had the urge and man do they taste good!


  1. They red bean dumplings. My mums from singapore and has made them in the past.

  2. Probably don't eat potatoes as much as I'd have thought but do love roast potatoes, jacket potatoes (done in the oven for crispy skin), potato salad, new potatoes.

    In fact, its a shame really that we get new potatoes all year round. When I were nobbut a lad we had 'old' potatoes through most of the year and only had new in the spring so we really looked forward to them.

  3. I don't really bother with potatoes that much now as I prefer sweet potatoes but before I lost weight I would eat jacket potatoes loaded with cheese and butter!

  4. I don't really like potatoes- mash/new/roast make me feel bleurgh. I quite like a jacket potato now and then, but I prefer sweet potato.

  5. I'm a bit of a secret Smash eater ;)

  6. I've always wanted to try mochi: I love thick, doughy, squidgy textured things so I think they'd be a new addiction for me.

    I tried a random new potato a couple of days ago but they just don't do it for me: they just seem so bland and dense, whatever you do to them. I'm more of a sweet potato and squash person. Probably why I'm turning orange.