Saturday, 16 April 2011

Photo After Photo After Photo............

Easy tigers, how ya doing?!
I haven't been around since Wednesday, its been full steam ahead with sleep taking priority sorry! I hope you've all had a great week? Mine has been tiring but pretty good, thankfully my working full time for job no.2 has come to an end and after this next week I should be able to get a day off! Yep another week of working everyday is ahead of my simply because I have lots of sessions to fit in at the gym to catch up with that last 3 weeks but I'm sure I'll survive.......I always do! Wednesday being the last time I blogged means a picture heavy post (you know you love it!), lets get to it shall we..............

Hello! I'm still alive! : )


Thursday: an apple + oatcakes and PB

I did an early morning Bikram class, then ate breakfast at work

Friday: I was up and out of the house around 6am, I felt a little peckish so ate an apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and peanuts before heading to the gym

When I got to job no.2 I was hungry (around 10am) so had some oatcakes with tahini and an apple

Today I had time to make breakfast at home

Muesli + soy yogurt + an apple + cinnamon


Wednesday: couscous, carrot + cranberry salad, mackerel + mushrooms

Friday + Today I ate the same lunch: roasted vegetable couscous, mackerel and mushrooms


9bar from my vitality show stash

Tasty but I prefer the ones topped with carob : )

I wanted some other fruit than an apple the other day so went for this tropical fruit mix

It was delish topped with soy yogurt and peanuts : )

Mint T and a carob and flax 9bar, YUM : )

After work on Friday I went to a Bikram class which was INSANELY hot!

Smoothie Dinners!

I have been getting home pretty late for past few nights so its been easier to just throw a smoothie together : )

Wednesday: Strawberry and spinach smoothie topped with bear granola, coconut and peanuts

Its the toppings that really make the smoothie, who's with me!?

Friday: vanilla, berry and spinach smoothie topped with lemon fish oil, granola, coconut and salted peanuts!

I'm so into the sweet and savory thing : )

Today I continued my smoothie dinners even though I was home early! Chocolate, berry and spinach, topped with coconut and peanuts!

Wow there we have it, are you still with me? All caught up, I'll be honest I wont be here tomorrow either. I'm off to Hastings tomorrow afternoon to train a client and stay at my dads, its his birthday on Monday and he doesn't wifi (I know in this day and age!) and I don't like his computer. Hopefully I'll have time to check in Monday night especially as my sister has threatened birthday cakes, you know you wanna see them!?

I've done pretty well on the workouts this week too. 4 Bikram classes and 2 circuits plus I will be doing a fab circuit and cardio session in the morning. I have had today off to let my body rest as we all know a day off is a must!

Right that's me over and out x x


What's the best workout you've done this week?

I'm loving my circuits : )

P.S Have a nice Sunday!!!!!!!!!


  1. You look very cute in that photo. I like your hair :) and those peanuts with the skins remind me of the ones I used to feed my hamster as a kid lol x

  2. You smoothies all look absolutely amazing. I've just started with green smoothies but found I like them without toppings (well at the moment anyway ;-))

  3. My best workout this week is when i actually managed a run on Tuesday. I need to drag my arse out tomorrow morning too! You've inspired me to go and buy some oatcakes tomorrow, I love them but haven't had them in ages!

  4. Hope your enjoying your weekend and I hope your date goes well - can't wait to hear about it!

  5. I don't understand the whole smoothie for dinner thing, I think I'd still be starving afterwards! I sometimes make a small one for a healthy dessert though. :)

  6. Mmm smoothies look DELICIOUS! And I love 9 Bars... but I don't understand why they on WOULDN'T put carob on the pumpkin version?! Haha. I guess it is nice to have an option for those non-carob inclined (read: mad) people... :-D

  7. Hi, I am loving running training with one of my bf's at the moment... we get plenty of stitches; from laughing too much :D x x

  8. I do love a huge smoothie for dinner sometimes too! Yum!!!