Sunday, 24 April 2011

Good Bad Good

Happy Easter Sunday!!!!!
Have you all been enjoying your eggs and the sun?!
I'll be honest my day started good went bad but turned good again! Did ya get that?
Don't worry I'll explain.........

I was up early to get on the road to Hastings. I wanted to miss the traffic and my dad was dying my hair before my first client. I took my breakfast with me to have there.

Overnight oats with chia seeds, soy yogurt and an apple : )

Hair dyed my fist client called to cancel, grrrrrrrrr.........
Ready to go to my second client I called to confirm, no answer.............guess what she canceled too, grrrrrrrr!

One wasted journey later I was back on the road to Brighton

Popped home and had some oatcakes and an apple

Sat in the garden and ate my lunch, I also enjoyed an ice coffee made with Rice Dream.

Before leaving to go to the gym I text my next client to confirm, you guessed it CANCELED!
I think its the sunshine!

I was not happy! But I had a client later that was already confirmed so I went to the gym early and did a 40min circuit before she arrived. She DID arrive : )
I then gave her a one on one spin session which was great, extra workout for me!

Home and hungry, I had an urge for new potatoes so that's what I had......

Raw veggies, tuna, hummus and new pots. This was really yummy : )

I also had a chocolate and banana iced protein mouse

So my day start GOOD with a visit to my dads for hair dying
Went BAD with 3 clients canceling
Then ended GOOD with a fab workout and great dinner!

I have a client packed day tomorrow (all going well!) so time to chillax : )


What was Good/Bad about your day?


  1. Nowt bad for me here- that is a shame about those clients cancelling- you are right I bet it was the weather.
    Good for me- I made hot cross buns for the first time and they turned out fab! :) Saw family, did some gardening, had a long lie in! So good all round.

  2. ahh that mousse is AMAZING!! good- the SUN!! bad- my legs are gna be sore from my weights session eep!

  3. Very inconsiderate clients, hope you charge them!
    Had a fantastic day today; lots of chocolate, friends, food & egg decorating activity with the kids - heading to Devils Dyke tomorrow to roll the decorated eggs with the kids :-)

  4. Glad you got at least one client in! My day was all good, good run, good food and enjoying seeing my family, especially my nephews :-)

  5. That would have annoyed me so much! I hate it when people change their plans! Gld your day turned good though :-)

  6. Do you charge them when they cancel at short notice? This is something I keep meaning to do but feel harsh... wish I could nick a spin bike for one-on-one sessions too - that sounds like fun :) x