Friday, 29 April 2011

The Dress!

I'm gutted I missed the wedding!
I did see some of it online though and saw how beautiful the dress was! Wow she looked like the perfect princess, amazing : )

Hello by the way, did you have a nice day off, or were you one of the sorry workers like me?
I have a short post tonight as I have to straighten my hair and tidy my room, god I sound like a teenager! But alas it is true my room looks like a bomb hit it so a tidy is a must : )

I woke up really early today due to my lovely body clock, not! This gave me plenty of time to make breakfast before heading out to meet some clients by the pier for a training session. I made a giant smoothie which was delicious!

Its the first time I've trained clients outside in Brighton and it was great, the sun was shining and they were worked into a sweat, all good : )

Because I had to meet my clients early it meant I had ages before the shop opened so I treated myself to a costa coffee and a gossip mag, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?

And that's all the pics I have for you today, can you believe it?!
Work was dead, and by the end of the day I was knackered and couldn't be bothered to wait and hour to go to yoga so I came home. Had a bit of a tummy ache too so thought rest would be better than a very hot Bikram class.

I will be saying farewell now for a couple of days because there will be no time to post here's whats on the agenda:
Saturday: Work at the shop in the day, out on the town with the girls in the evening
Sunday: get over my hangover in the morning, train a client and go on a date in the afternoon/evening all going well! (more on this another time!)
Monday: Work in the day but hopefully I'll be back in evening with a full run down of the weekends activities!

Have a fab weekend my lovelies x x x


Did you watch the wedding?

The dress, THE DRESS!!!!!!!


  1. I want that dress. She looked amazing!!! x

  2. Hope you have a great weekend! I thought her dress was perfect :-)

  3. why are you teasing us? I keep checking back but there is nothing about the date ;) x x