Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dancing till 3am.........

Yay to the sunshine!
I am still amazed by all this lovely weather, can you believe it? I love it when the sun shines everyone is much happier while they soak up some vitamin D : )

I have a couple of days catch up, a review and some pressies to show ya so get comfy............

I was recently contacted by the nice people over at Rice Dream to review some of their
Original Rice Dream + Calcium

I really love the taste of this milk, its sweet and creamy and for me a great alternative to dairy milk. I made a coffee and used some of my rice milk. YUM! This goes great in coffee and it makes the coffee sweet so no need to add any sugar : )

Rice Dream make lots of different products, there website is really cool too with lots of useful info and some fab recipes. I think there is something for everyone here and really recommend you give this alternative to milk a go if you haven't already!

Jill my work colleague at job no.2 has been away on holiday and look what she bought back for me! Some aduki bean rice bean Mochi, little socks..........

Hello Kitty soap flakes! SO CUTE!

and a good luck charm : )

This apparently brings luck for receiving money......bring it on!


Smoothie breakfast

I then made my way to job no.2, as it was Good Friday the shop dead!
I spent most of day wishing I was in the sunshine...........

Lunch was tuna with vegan pesto, steamed veggies and hummus

I was going to go to yoga after work but felt tired and crappy so I gave it a miss and opted to get a bottle of wine on my way home instead!

Dinner was delicious, I made a quinoa and egg mess!


After dinner me and Hannah my housemate sat out in the garden chatting while the chickens wondered and.......

We drank wine. I bought a crisp white and mixed it with some sparkling elderflower drink which tasted fab! Then we.............

Went out dancing! I had a great night with Hannah : )

I arrived home at 4.30am after a crazy cocktail of different booze!
Yes not exactly healthy but lots of fun!!!!!!


Wow dancing till 3am, 3hrs sleep then working 9 till 6 is tough!
I'm too old for this! ha ha ha ha

On my way to work I had one thing on my mind, an iced lemon costa drink!
I had a smoothie for breakfast : )

Easter is coming...........

And so is the chocolate!

I ate the same lunch as yesterday with some salted hula hoops thrown in for good measure!

Gifts from work colleagues!

Dinner today was quick and easy, eggs and spinach plus veggies

Drizzled with udos oil : )

I have been hungry for a hot cross bun for ages so at lunch took a trip to Infinity Foods and picked one up

Toasted and spread with pure soy marg = delicious!

Hangovers are so not cool but the chocolate I'm eating is easing the pain!

Have a lovely Easter my lovely readers, I hope to pop in tomorrow but if I don't, enjoy your eggs!


Have you tried Rice Dream, whats ya favorite flavor?


  1. I love rice dream, the hazelnut and almond and vanilla are great but I also love the plain rice milk. Sounds like you had a great time, I can remember the days of being out till 3am then working a double shift the next day, so tough! God I sound so old! Been there done that I guess. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  2. Udo's oil I now have, thank you :-) And I will be trying out Rice Dream as an alternative as I've gone off Soy in coffee and Kara doesn't do it for me in tea or coffee.
    I haven't been out dancing for YEARS!
    Have a great Easter Sunday xx

  3. Love rice dream, used it all the time. Especially love it in my protein shakes :-) The hazelnut is delish too!

    I've not had a good night out for ages, I feel one is needed!!! x

  4. I have tried the chocolate rice dream which was nice. Wow dancing til 3am is hardcore! I thought my 2am night last night was late!

  5. Woo you have stmina going to wor after that night out hehe