Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cats and Kernels

Hey hey........where did the heat go!?
I guess it couldn't last forever but I was kind of wishing......

As usual I have some catching up to do, I have some photos for ya from the past couple of days so enjoy.............

Yesterdays breakfast was chia seeds overnight oats with soy yogurt and an apple

I went to Hastings to train my ladies and also go hang out with my sister : )

I picked up some organic veggies, hummus and an onion and spinach baji for lunch.
This was so yummy!

Oh my god I couldn't resist taking more photos of my sisters little ladies!

I love her markings!



I was up early but made time to have breakfast before leaving to get to the gym.
Smoothie topped with coconut and apricot kernels : )

Thr apricot kernels were delicious!

I went to yoga after training my clients and thankfully it seems to have eased my painful glutes!

I keep seeing these blossom leaves dried by the sun, they look like fish scales or sequins, so pretty!

I was real hungry when I got home tonight so decided a big old dinner was in order........

New pots, 2 boiled eggs, hummus and raw veggies, yum!

I also had some chopped apple with soy yogurt, cinnamon and sunflower seeds

This day has been long and I'm super tired, I'm in the shop for next 3 days, few clients dotted about then Sunday off! Well hopefully!

Ok best sort my bag for tomorrow.........night x


Have you ever tried apricot kernels?

So yummy!


  1. I bought a pack of the tropical wholefoods apricot kernals after by bestie told me about them (she actually knows the people who own the company!) they taste just like almonds to me :-)

  2. I've only recently discovered apricot kernels- very yummy!

  3. I have had them in a mule bar I think, but never on their own. They look like little almonds or something, I suppose they are seeds? Or nuts?

  4. I've never even heard of Apricot Kernals, let alone tried them! They look interesting! Where do you buy your chia seeds from? I fancy giving them a go, but haven't seen them anywhere!

  5. Never tried apricot kernals before.. I'm loving your sisters kittys, so adorable!

  6. Hey ladies the apricot kernels taste just like almonds, your right laura!

    Ffion - I got my chia seeds from LA but you can get them here google for the best price : )