Monday, 18 April 2011

Cakes and Cats

Good evening! Have we all had a fab weekend?
I have had a good few days, yes I have worked but there has been some fun thrown in too. Sunday I got up early and did a mean workout at the gym before my first clients, I had some time in the afternoon to walk around Brighton and soak up some rays before driving to Hastings and training a client there. I also stayed at my sisters Sunday night which was lovely. I hadn't actually seen her for a month until last night! This really has been a crazy few weeks for me but needs must I suppose, anyway less of the chat I have yet again another picture heavy post for you I've spent the day in the sun again...........

I got up early today as i had a client to train, I forgot to take breakfast with me which meant a mix of granola's and cereal curtsy of my sister

This cereal was way sweeter than I would normally eat but it was nice to have a change and it tasted pretty awesome!

Client trained I went back to my sisters.
Oh be warned there are lots of kitty photos to follow her babies are still tiny and just SO CUTE!

A while later I had a coffee (I had to grab some as my sister didn't have any!)

I also had an apple with soy milk and a handful of trail mix.
Its my dads birthday today and my sister made him some cakes while I read some magazines and enjoyed not having to be any where.........

We decided the sun was way to beautiful to stay in and a walk was in order but before heading out we obviously had to try the cakes.........

Gluten and dairy free blueberry muffins, wow thumbs up these were delish!

We went for a walk along the seafront to look at all the pretty beach huts

I'd love to own a beach hut......

I found an arm......

The sun was amazing today, I'm so glad I got to enjoy it as I have been working for most of the sunny days so far....

We walked for a good 2hrs and stopped for a thirst quencher after about an hour. We went to a quirky little cafe I had an elderflower sparkling juice and Jes had a peppermint tea and a sandwich. I didn't fancy anything in the menu........look at the cool picture on the cafe wall!

Got back and there were some tiny friends that were wanting some attention!

I had oatcakes , PB and 2 apples

Again no food prepared so I made do with this, for though it was fine : )



She looks like a bat!

We went to my dads early evening to take him cakes and cards

He loved them! I also ate another.........2! We hung out with papa for a while then I had to get on the road back to Brighton.....

Smoothie dinner = quick and easy!

Its been a great day, I've loved hanging out with family and soaking up the sun. The warm breeze on my skin makes me dream of the summer yet to come and I can't wait! Especially the thought of spending it in Brighton its gonna be a good'un!

I have a busy week ahead lots of clients and hopefully furniture selling : )


Did you have a good weekend?


  1. LOVE the cat photos! Those beach houses are so cool/cute.

  2. Nice relaxed weekend, mini-me-snr had a sleep over at a friends so it was jnr & I, while hubby did some work. Sunday was garden day, hubby worked hard I did domestics :-)

  3. What an adorable kitty - I want one!! Glad you had a nice day!

  4. I love the idea of a beach hut! I'd love to camp out in one!

    I had an ok weekend, the boyfriend bought a new car, so we went for a spin to the mountain, and then stopped for pints of tea- I kid you not, they where huge!

  5. God I am just so looking forward to coming back down to Brighton again this summer I absolutely can't wait and seeing your pics just reminds me how gorgeous it is!

  6. I had a lovely weekend of pampering and rest. Your pics make Brighton look so lovely. I was meant top go last year and then head to Cornwall and Devon for a road trip, but heweather was awful. Maybe this year?!?!

  7. Awww the weather has been so nice lately. My sister and her bf went to Brighton lately. I wished I could have joined them - I need some sea breeze ;)

  8. Awww I'm in love with those kitties!