Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Best Way to Eat Fish Oil

Hello! I know I was absent yesterday and now I'm flying in and leaving pretty sharpish soz!
But as you know I'm a bust bee ALL THE TIME! But i have some fab food and an AMAZING product to share with you so sit back and enjoy........


My day started with a Bikram class before work : )

When I got to work I ate some coconut muesli with chia seeds and an apple

Yesterday was pretty cold, I even got my hat back out of the box to warm my ears!

Lunch: quinoa, raw veggies, vegan pesto and chilli seeds

I also had an apple and a nutty 9bar

After work in the furniture store I went to the gym to train some clients before heading home

Green/pinkish monster for dinner : )

Today I had the day off exercising but was up early to train clients before starting at the furniture shop.

Arrived at job no.2 and had some muesli, apple and soy milk

Lunch: mackerel + couscous M&S salad

Apple + ginger nakd bar yum!

No hat today just a giant glittery bow to catch the rays of sun : )

snack before heading back to the gym

Home and hungry I ate quinoa with steamed veggies and chilli seeds

Then here comes one of the best products I've tried in a while!


This had been made to get kids to eat more fish oils and yes it sounds weird but
OH MY GOD this stuff is amazing!

I was sent the lemon flavor and am so pleased with it, the taste is so creamy and delicious, definitely the best way to eat fish oil!

If you get the chance invest people you will not be disappointed I will be getting all the flavors me thinks!

Right blog post done I am off to wash my hair and get sorted for tomorrow : )


Have you heard of Ideal omega taste?

Health lovers you gotta get on this!


  1. I've never seen Omega taste before but it looks really intriguing!

  2. Ideal omega taste .... can't say I have ever heard of this. Does it have a sweet taste to it?

  3. I've never heard of it... I am just about getting my head around all the smoothies. Perhaps I will have caught up by this time next year :)

  4. I've never heard of that product, sounds like a great idea!

  5. That sounds like a great way to get kids to have more fish oils! Is it actual fish oil or is it a vegan alternative?x

  6. You always make my food look utterly boring in comparison ;).

    Oh by the way, I really really want to go to Brighton someday in the next few weeks. What about a meet up? (email me!) :) hehe xx