Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Bag The Loot

Oh my god HELLO!!!!!!!
Well how are we all, its been way to long sweet readers I haven't been around since Wednesday when I was recovering from sickness which you can read about here, if you really wanna! I've been a busy lady since then as I had to rearrange all my Wednesday clients to other days. I've not really done anything other than worked I did go to Hastings yesterday but I was still working. Although I got to see my papa and bestie Jonathan was over from Berlin with his man and I got to meet him for the first time which was fab : )

Food has been good and this green monster deserved a picture all alone, every mouthful of this breakfast was a joy!

I've been having muesli for breakfast as its easy to take to work but I got to have this green monster one morning before starting work a little later : )

Lunches and dinners have been a mix of veggies raw and steamed, mackerel, tuna, sardines, hummus and rice or quinoa

I've also been having some yummy iced puddings and those choccy munchie seeds I picked up from the Vitality show were delish!

A new month is upon us so I guess I better check in on my March goals here goes........

1. lose 4 pounds: I haven't even weighed myself but I pretty sure this is a FAIL!
2. Eat clean: I've done ok with this but there has been the odd occasion where things have snuck in! So FAIL?!
3. Walk up and down the stairs at yoga WIN! This was done and easier than I thought!

Get 2 more clients WIN!

Hmmmmmm I'm forgetting March!

April Goals

1. 1 30 min circuit followed by 30 mins of cardio twice a week
I love circuits and train my clients this way and they are losing weight!

2. 3/4 Bikram classes a week
I love this yoga and it really helps me physically and mentally : )

3. Carry on walking to work weather/late evening work depending
I'm loving walking more so when I'm not working late I will continue to walk the hour to and from work.

4. Use up all the foods in my cupboard instead of buying more!
Its ridiculous I need to get through the stiff I have before buying more!

5. More muscle definition
I want my body more toned, my legs are pretty good, no wobble there! The rest of my needs some work though and I really want to have more definition especially on my arms and abs.

6. Stop worrying about being overweight
The more I worry the less I lose, I also need to get used to me I suppose, if that makes sense?!
I'll be honest I am very body conscious/insecure and am one of those people that can't where enough clothes and I hate people looking at me but I need to get over it! This is a work in progress.......

Ahhhhhhh finally the bag!
Well this is a little something to say thank you to all my lovely readers, well one in particular! Its been ages since I have done a giveaway and thought it was about time. Its not huge or anything, just some goodies for one reader to win.........

The bag is filled with a few goodies I picked up at the Vitality show and also a few added bits from me. Including some snack bars, cereal, stevia, samples and so on it will be kind of a surprise as the picture just shows a few key bits......OH AND a fab smoothie glass. Well I think its perfect for smoothies anyway (I got one too!)

If you would like to have a chance to win this little bag of loot then.......

1. Leave a comment below
2. Tweet about it with @tamzinsparkles in the tweet (let me know)
3. Tell me about a delicious smoothie you want to create to christen your new glass!

This giveaway is open to everyone good luck!
The bonus point is the most important, I will be picking the most creative smoothie idea
(don't worry I wont be checking if you actually make it so marshmallow and rose petals are perfect ingredients!)

Another week gone and another just beginning, hopefully I shall be back a little more frequently this coming week, I missed you guys!

P.S I will announce the winner on Sunday : )


  1. oh i love your april goals and i would love to win!!

    circuit training is awesome!

  2. I would want to make banana softserve in my NEW glass!!

  3. Oooh me me!! I wanna win :D

    Umm I think the smoothie I'd make would be a Lavender smoothie of coconut milk, blueberries, blackberries, vanilla extract and topped with bits of fresh lavender and crushed meringue.

    It'd be a mega purple smoothie because purple is my fave colour :D

  4. The smoothie I would make would be a green monster made with vanilla frozen yogurt, fresh cherries, spinach, raw cocao powder, choccy protein powder and flax seeds! x

  5. Your green monster looks so good.
    Fab giveaway prizes - love that smoothie glass! Enter me please :)
    My fantasy smoothie would contain dark chocoalte, banana, rasperries and peanut butter - not sure if those ingredients actually go together but I like them all separately so why not?!
    Have tweeted too (@LilyLippy)

  6. Your smoothie looks so gooood! I've not made one in a while, but I think I'll have to get the blender out soon!
    I think if I was lucky enough to be able to chirsten that glass, I would make a green smoothies consisting of : spinach, half a frozen banana, blueberries, raspberries, milk, coconut and lots and lots of ice!! MMM!

  7. i finally tried yoga for my first time yesterday! and it was bikram. i am hooked. don't enter me--i have won your giveaway before :) xoxoxo love you!

  8. Great giveaway!

    I have tweeted :-)

    I would love to try making a non green smoothie for a change - a carrot and coconut perphaps?

    Can I just say I am so jealous of your eyebrows :-)

  9. I would love to win to have posh looking green smoothies in that very posh glass!

  10. I think a dark chocolate and cherry green smoothie would be great!

  11. Ooo I'm in and congrats on getting 2 more clients, awesome!!

  12. Oh my, that's easy... It would be my first ever smoothie in my first ever smoothie glass! :) I would experiment with crushed up cupcake and yoghury with sprinkles on top and perhaps a chocolate straw ;) Was it supposed to be healthy??? :D Just about to tweet now... x x

  13. I'm a new reader! hello!

    I would love to win your giveaway as I've never won one! :D

    looking forward to reading your bloggy xxx

  14. I'd love to win this! I've been after trying stevia for ages! Is it available in the UK now?

  15. Annnd smoothie idea.... I'm nt feeling too creative today unfortunately but it would have to include cocoa powder sweetened a bit with that stevia and maybe with banana and almond milk.. that would probs be rather nice hehe