Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Bad Meal Made Better By The company

Good evening readers, have you been loving the sunshine?
I was stuck inside AGAIN! But I did go for a drink after work, don't get excited it was a soft drink! Its been a couple of days since I was here last which means a step back in time........


I got up uber early to get to the gym for 6am so I could fit in a workout before my first client.
I did:
30 minute power circuit, 10 minutes stair mill and 20 minutes spin

When I arrived at job no.2 I ate a fatty breakfast of coconut muesli and chia seeds topped with a jazz apple.

Bored at work looking longingly into the sunny street i was glad when lunch time came round!
Quinoa, tuna, raw veggies and a dollop of hummus : )

Oh and.........

Yes I did!

After work I met my friend and we went for dinner at Wagamamas.
Doesn't this meal look yummy..........

Well it wasn't!

This is a deceiving smile, I have to be honest and say this is the worst meal I have ever had in Wagamamas! I always have the same thing so yesterday decided to try something different, yuk! This was a bowl of greasy soup, not good : (

Tara felt said the same, she has actually had the dish before but said this time it was really not nice. Luckily the good company made up for the bad food!

After we popped into a bar for a bit more gossiping and a diet coke : )

I got home and wanted pudding, I left most of dinner so was ready for something sweet!

Oh yeah!

Today I was at job no.2 another day stolen from the sun

Before leaving I had a giant green/purple monster with lots of goodness in it:

Frozen berries + spinach, oats, coconut flour, probiotic capsule, gums, vanilla soy protein, green tea and lots of ice. Topped with 1/2 a pack of choco cherry bear granola, chia seeds and coconut

Nom nom nom

Lunch: veggies, oat cakes and hummus for dipping, I ate about 1tbsp of hummus

God then yes i had some oreos!

Mini ones though!

And here is my yummy after work soft drink. I have been longing for years to try a peartiser but have never been able to find one, well today was my lucky day. It didn't disappoint fresh and delicious : )

Dinner: sweet pot topped with tuna mayo, veggies an the side

I've been thinking about this meal for ages and finally had time to sit down and enjoy it.

Obviously I had pudding, cooled chocolate protein mouse topped with peanut dust and red skinned peanuts........SO GOOD!

Wow thats me all up to date with ya. I'm up earlyish tomorrow to drive to Hastings train my ladies then straight back to Brighton to train some more. I'm also going to get a session in at the gym and also plan to go to yoga. They've just started a new class on Sundays so it would be rude not to! How about you got any Sunday plans you would like to share?

Before I go this is your last chance to enter my giveaway!
So if you have anymore smoothie goodness to share do it now!

I shall love you and leave.......for now!


Are you getting ready for your summer clothes, got any tips you wanna share?

Looking at the food I've eaten over the past few days you would think winter is coming not summer but my circuits and Bikram will be my weapon! ha ha ha : )


  1. Shame about the Wagamama meal there food is usually so good!

  2. You've actually just reminded me that I need to get my summer clothes out from under the bed and then store away my winter clothes, so exciting! I used to hate summer fashion when I was bigger but now I love it. Shame wagamamas was disapointing, I still haven't been yet!

  3. I'm cringing at having to clear out all the winter coats and woolies for storage - a task I'm NOT looking forwards to! But if it means bearing a little flesh, so be it. I have already been wearing some summer tops, yesterday was fab being in strappy top in the sunshine.
    Isn't that the way, when food is ancillary to the good company, better when its both good though :-)

  4. I have to say I have always found their food a bit overpriced and not well cooked. There are some much much better places to eat noodle soup!

  5. I LOVE those dark choccy rice thins, one of my favourite recent finds!

    I have never been to Wagamama and have always wanted to! Should really get my self there at some point!

  6. Shame about wagamamas- I have only been once and I had a weird veggie noodle soup with a massive spoon. I was not a fan at all. Gosh, summer clothes- I have my summer running clothes out! I would like some nice cropped trousers, fitted ones, but I have only baggy ones. I have millions of short sleeved cardis as I get cold in the air conditioned shops, and in the evenings too.

  7. What happened at W-mamas? Usually soooo good! Man, your smoothies are looking good these days!

  8. I am a HUGE Wagamamas fan! What dish was that?!
    And everything else looks mega good :-D