Tuesday, 12 April 2011

3 Days Worth

Well, as you can guess I've been a busy lady since the weekend, plus the only picture I could upload on Sunday was the Loot picture for my giveaway winner! Which means dear readers we have a picture overload post heading your way, sit back relax and get stuck in.............


Sunday began with a giant green smoothie, I had time to breakfast at home so made the most of it : )

After devouring this bad boy I hit the road to Hastings and trained my 2 clients there one after the other. Back in the car I hit the road back to Brighton...............

Ran into my house and gobbled some oatcakes, PB and 2 apples.
Look at my fab new plate, I <3 my new shell palte!

Back in the car I made my way to the gym and trained 2 more clients. I was going to go to yoga but with an hours wait I decided against it instead I drove home and went for a run round my neighborhood : )

Wow it was still pretty hot, I ran for 30 minutes which was enough with no shade!

Back from my run I downed a big glass of water and then decided it was time to break into my cranberry juice I got free from the Vitality Show : )

Yum refreshed!

This is actually how I looked for my run! New shades needed an outing!


I got up crazy early to get to the gym for 6am so I could do a quick 30 minute circuit before my first client, total sweat fest! After training my clients I made my way to job no.2 and ate my chia muesli breakfast with an apple.

Boredom = Sudoku

Lunch: quinoa, tuna + veggies

And an apple, soy yogurt + peanuts with the skin yum!

Before heading back to the gym I ate 2 boiled eggs

When i finally got home I ate a giant purple monster! This was crazy filling : )


I went to my Bikram class before work, I had a sports massage last night and my back was pretty sore so yoga felt quite tough but after as always I was feeling amazing!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday with some soy yogurt for added protein and yumminess!

Lunch was the same as yesterday with different veggies. I also had my apple and yogurt.
I got to come straight home after work today which has been lovely, chilling with time to blog is bliss

Dinner: sardines, vegan pesto, steamed veggies, beets and a dollop of hummus
I also had a ginger nakd bar no photo sorry, but I think you've seen enough now!

That's it peeps all up to date with the goings on in my world, I hope you enjoyed the ride : )
Have you been up to much, what have I missed?!


What do you do when your bored at work?

I am a magazine addict
(my bank balance screams every time I buy another one!)
I also do suduko and play card games on the work computer, my days at job no.2 are riveting!


  1. When I'm bored at uni google reader is my best friend At my weekend job I'm lucky that I can just chat to my friends or window shop.

  2. I'm also a magazine addict! I usually have loads to do at work so its more laziness than bordom that gets me and I tend to read blogs! Naughty but I do try and stick to it just on my tea breaks!

  3. I love the shell plate! I entertain myself at work with blogs, Facebook, email...anything online is pretty easy to get away with when you work at a computer! x

  4. Your smoothie on sunday reminds me of a Twister ice lolly!
    I'm bored at work lots, I'm starting to run out of web-sites to read!

  5. boiled eggs are the best!

    when i'm bored (which isn't often as i have the best job ever - lol, well almost!) i go onto bloglovin and read my favorite blogs, or go for a walk with the dog, or go up to the allotment, or cook! - granted i do work from home, so it does make all of those things possible :)

  6. It looks like I have another raw mushroom lover in my midst!

    When I'm bored at work I'll go heckle the guys in another department for a bit hehe

  7. Hello! I'm Hailey and have just become your 100th Follower. Exciting! Great blog. Love checking out those delicious smoothies and great eats.
    What I do when I'm bored at work? Unfortunately theres always book reports waiting to be marked... Wow that sounds incredibly boring! HAHA

  8. Your smoothie looks great!
    When i'm bored at work? I sit there and 'enjoy' being bored ;-) Basically because i'm always dead busy and pretty much never have nothing to do!!