Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend Fun

I have had such a good weekend! Those of you that guessed I was going to the Vitality show were right, I did indeed. I have to apologise to all you bloggers that may have also gone as this could have been a perfect time to meet up but I just wanted to go with the flow and have no plans other than spending my time with my friend Wayne. As you know if you read my blog I barely ever get time off so this weekend was mine and I didn't want to feel I had to dare I say it make an effort! I hope you that did go had a fabulous time, I know I did! Ok I gotta get through this pretty sharpish I need to get to bed after having a very late night and not getting much sleep.........


The day started with a big bowl of banana and peanut butter porridge

I then walked to work and trained some clients, before heading to Bikram and walking back home.

Scrambled sea cake with steamed veggies for lunch

Packed for the weekend and drove to Hastings to train a client and stay at my papas

He made a fabulous dinner, boiled new pots, salad and tuna/pepper/chilli mix.
So good!


Giant bowl of muesli and kiwi's to fuel me, I also had a coffee before walking to town to meet Wayne to get our train.

Vitality Show was great and I got to have a photo taken with my Nutrition God!
Patrick Holford!!!!!!!!
I have all his book and love listening to him, after hearing him talk I am going to try and get back onto his way of eating it just makes sense so starting tomorrow I back on the GL diet!

The day was spent trying samples and stocking up on bargains, which I will post about this week, oh and keep up to date with my posts as there is something for you guys coming up..........

Me and Wayne took the river boat to our hotel : )

Dinner was light thank god as I must have eaten my weight in free goodies oops!

We spent the evening in the hotel bar as we were pretty far out of London. I still ended up how shall I put it........getting BLEEP!
(fill in with any word that describes a drunken beast!)
Yep you name it I drank it but 5 have to say it was a lot of fun!

Getting to sleep around 5am and waking at 9am means the breakfast buffet got hit up big time

I ate enough to keep me full till around 6ish!

I popped back to my dads to have a coffee before heading home to Brighton.

Made a giant tuna/sweetcorn salad. Fresh yummyness : )

And I'm home. Tired and needing to sleep. I had a great weekend but feel pretty done for.
Alcohol hits me like a ten tone weight so I shall pay for my fun thats for sure and so will my skin but it was worth it! ha ha ha

Time to snooze : )


What did you do this weekend, were you a Vitality lady too?

Sorry again for not letting anyone know I was there hope you get why x x


  1. I went to the Vitality Show on Saturday and loved it. Ate a LOT of free samples and got a lot of goodie bags. Glad you enjoyed it too :) x

  2. ahh so jealous you got to go to vitality! i was away!! !!!

  3. Was chuckling at your instant messages last night :) ♥ your Love Hearts mug too x x

  4. It sounds like you had an amazing time at the Vitality Show! I went on Friday and I had a BLAST. It was such a good opportunity to network and talk to companies about the blog, etc. Next year I think we should DEFINITELY make it a UK blogger meet up!

  5. Glad you had fun at the show, I wish I had been able to go - if only for the free goodies!

  6. Nope, no vitality show for me but spent an amazing day in the garden with the family, hard work mowing and cleaning and then some me-time in the green house :-)

  7. that sounds and looks like an awesome weekend!

  8. I went years ago with my MUm and I loved the talks and of course the freebies :)
    But I could not make it this year- maybe next year...