Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vitality Show Goodies 2011

I made it! I am here and its Wednesday, only by sickness though!
Yes dear readers I have been pretty ill over the past couple of days but am feeling fighting fit again. I've had some kind of tummy bug which i wont go into details about but believe me it wasn't fun. I missed my training day yesterday as I was in and out of sleep (and the loo!) all day, I was going to blog but just didn't have the energy : (

I have been at home again today, I didn't feel fab last night so rearranged all appointments for today so I could get my energy back to normal, I also had a chance to get a load of gym work done as well. I had lots of fat burning circuits to create and can't wait to do them with my clients! Hope they're ready to feel the burn, ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Anyways lets get on, I looked over my photos and had so many I didn't know where to start so I'm scrapping the lot other than my Vitality Show goodies and today's breakfast cause it was MIGHTY FINE!

Giant purple/green monster topped with bear cocoa cherry granola!

In the mix:
1 c water, 1 c frozen berries, 1 scoop choc soy protein, 1 tsp maca, 1tsp chococru, 2 giant handfuls spinach, gums, stevia, 2 c ice
Topped with dessicated coconut and bear granola SO GOOD!

Vitality Show Goodies!

I got lots of freebies but also lots of bargain loveliness!

Bear granola, pineapple fruit pieces and cherry raisins

Apricot kernels, munchy seeds - vanilla, savory + chocolate, sweet freedom

1 box of nakd goodness, only £9!!!!!
1 box 9 bars, only £7!!!!!!

Lots of goodie bag stuff!

I'm loving all the body lotion and shower gel samples, they are great to take to work or on holidays : )

Coffee and tea samples : )

As you can see I had a good day! I definitely agree with Flo that next year we should have a bloggie meet up there that would be so much fun, right?! Especially if it was well organised in good time : )

Time to get my bag ready for tomorrow and watch Masterchef so I will bid you farewell my friends, I wont be here tomorrow but hopefully I shall be dropping in on Friday. I can't wait to get some exercise in tomorrow, I know I've been sick but I feel hideous not having done any exercise!


Whats the best food bargain you've ever got?

Mine are definitely when I have been at these kind of events they give great show prices : )


  1. I'm already saving for the next Vitality Show/Blogger meet up, can't WAIT!

    My fave bargain was Nakd Oatie bars going out of date so I got all flavours for £20 ;)

  2. BLAH, not nice. Glad you are feeling better though.

    Q: I notice peeps "TOP" their green monsters, is this part of it or an optional extra for flavour??

  3. I loved all the discounts! Especially on the nakd/9 bars etc!
    And DEFINITELY a blogger meet up there next year :-D Although... I have been thinking about trying to get people together for the Taste of London festival in June?!

  4. Hope you feel better soon :)
    I got some very similar Vitality Show goodies. The Nakd bar deal was amazing and I loved sampling all the different flavours on their stand. x

  5. MY bargain last week for 4 boxes of nakd bars for £20- amazing :)

  6. I always love the bargains you can get with fruit and veg from the market and reduced section at the supermarket!

  7. God I love freebies!
    I was at a conference last week and bagged 44 items! All I.T. related but almost enough for one item per colleague which I think was appreciated. Am shameless whern it comes to "acquiring" them.

  8. ...But what's in the NINE BAR bag?!!! I can't handle the SUSPENSE ;) x x

  9. I loved the bargains at the Vitality show. I got a box of 9-bars too! I'm now fully stocked up for a few months!