Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thank You RAW Health

Wow I wish I could say my first day off in AGES has been relaxing but to be honest it definitely has not! Don't get me wrong its not been a bad day but it could have been better, ya know?!

So the last time I saw you it was Tuesday, how is everyone? It seems I was not the only one not to have pancakes some of you are treating yourself at the weekend, if you do enjoy! Right lets see whats been on the plate since then shall we..........


I got up uber early at 5am and got ready for walk, I had 2 rice cakes sandwiched with peanut butter before leaving and walking to work where I trained clients till 9am.

After this i had my proper breakfast, muesli and an apple hacked into chunks! There are no sharp knives at the gym...........

Once this has been eaten I made my way to job no.2............

Drank to much coffee!

I had to buy lunch today and new exactly what I wanted and where to go.
Infinity Foods cafe! I fancied something hot so went for their spicy tomato and red lentil soup, it didn't disappoint. Its so refreshing to know that if I don't bring lunch I can get a healthy veggie option, Hastings had nowhere.

I also had 2 oatcakes with tahini and 2 plain on the side

Followed by an apple, soy yogurt + peanuts

After finishing work I was back to the gym to train one more client then I came home, tired does not even explain how I was feeling!

Dinner: chickpea and spinach curry

This was perfect, just what I needed

I then ate some banana and chocolate ground rice pudding topped with yogurt and sesame seeds


I was up early again to go to Bikram I had rice cakes and seed butter before walking to town. I did my 90 minute sweat fest then walked home.

Giant green monster filled my rumbling tum

Kale beast!

I had some time to chill and do my accounts so the cat got comfy!

I wish I could get to sleep so easy

Awwwwwwwwww : )

I had a hospital appointment this afternoon so had a quick snack before leaving. One apple sliced and a potato cake with soy spread

After being drained of blood I returned home on the loudest bus ever. I got a headache.


The lovely peeps at RAW Health sent me some goodies to review, I received a package in the post last week and have finally got time to get the photos up!

I can't believe they sent all this stuff! Lucky me, and it all looks delicious!

I tried a couple of squares of chocolate already and ate one of the bars. WOW these are so good, both taste delicious : )

I have yet to try the crackers but I have had a taste of the super seed spread. SO GOOD! I can't wait to dig into the rest these really are great products. I'll definitely be hunting these out in the shops once my goodies are gone : )

I'm off to eat some roasted veggies, my head is starting to clear now thank god!
See you guys later x x


Have you tried RAW Health products?

I definitely recommend you do if you haven't they rock!


  1. I really like their raw crackers and nut butters but I'm not as fussed on their raw chocy. Your cat its sooo cute!

  2. Sorry to hear that your day off wasn't great. I hate it when that happens. You should have chopped your apple at home and tossed it in a little lemon juice, to save you having to hack it up at work.

    The RAW goodies look fab. You are very lucky with all the great stuff you get to review.

  3. you lucky duck!! i LOVE their bars you got there! i tried those once.. they are SO SO GOOD!

  4. I've tried some of te RAW stuff and so far so good. I have some of their chocolate to try and I cannot wait!

  5. YAY for chickpeas!
    Gosh, you're so lucky - I wish I had won all those :)

  6. I've tried their snack bars which are right up my alley as seem to have a perfectly-balanced sweetness(the kitty is just too cute:)!

  7. The seed spread and crackers look lovely. I've not tried any RAW products before but always think that they look lovely. x

  8. I love the seed rolls, esp the apple cinnamon ones- yummy :)

  9. I've never tried any RAW stuff, but it certainly looks like my kind of thing, especially the raw choccy which I'm so into at the moment.

    Infinity is on the top of my list when I next go to Brighton!!

  10. Love the look of your spinach and chickpea curry! RAW Health also sent me some of their products to try a couple of weeks back, and I'm slowly (ok, quickly ;-)) making my way through them! One of my favourite companies!

  11. All of your eats looks awesome! Yum, green monster :) I've never tried those bars but they sounds great!

  12. Tahini is one of my favourite things at the moment :)

  13. The raw health goodies look yum. Will have to check them out.