Monday, 28 March 2011

Sorry To Say.......

Sorry to say but I have no time to blog over the next couple of days. I hate not having time but needs must and all that. I'm hoping to be back on Wednesday but it may be Friday dear readers not sure yet. I hope your weeks have started well?

I thought I'd just leave you with this shot of my delicious pudding : )
Berrie protein iced mouse + 1/2 pack tropical bear granola

Oh and I have a this bag is a little something for one lucky person all will be revealed later this week : )

Goodbye for now, have a fab week and hopefully I can check in sooner than later.


Any plans for your week?

I have job no.2 training tomorrow and lots of work in the shop as well as the gym. No days off for the next 3 weeks its gonna be harsh!


  1. can't you give us a clue: does it taste good and/or squeek when you squeeze it?! :D

  2. Take care and look after yourself. 3 weeks non stop work can wear you down so get lots of fresh air :-)

  3. Hope you have a good week, I can sympathise with the working your arse off and having no time :-)

  4. Don't work too hard! Remember to save some time for fun, See you soon x

  5. Have a good week Tam! I'd commented on one of your posts before but it got ate up :(

    How did you go about studying to become a personal trainer? I think it's something I want to pursue but don't know where to start! Office work and life is boring the pesh out of me, I NEED to be active!

    I'm off work this week so lots of gym time, getting my hair done, MOT out the way and seeing friends :D

    Have a great week lady. x

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Leanne - I trained for 6 weeks with the training rooms. Not sure how your last comment got eaten up! Thanks for popping by again x x

  7. Work and work.. oh and hopefully a few runs!

  8. Pudding looks good.
    Like the bag!