Saturday, 12 March 2011


Hello! Its Saturday and I am blogging at this hour......whats going on?!
Well dear readers I have the day off! This is because my little sister Leah is here from Ireland and we are hanging out laughing so much my tummy hurts and my cheeks are tear stained! How I love my sisters, they are my world. The older one Jes is off picking up..........KITTENS! Yes more kittens I seemed to be surrounded by kittens at the moment not that I'm complaining I love my feline friends especially when they are tiny. Me and Leah are waiting the return of the balls of fluff so I shall give you an onslaught of kitty photos next post. For now lets just look at some food, first up yesterdays eats...........


With no clients till 9am I took advantage of my later start by having a warm breakfast for a change. I have been meaning to try my POWER PORRIDGE since receiving it so that's what I did. With no peanut butter in the cupboard I also new exactly what was going on top of my power porridge, banana and chia seed breakfast.......RAW PECAN BUTTER! Jes got this for me from America remember? Oh my god this was delicious, I didn't use the whole pack I saved some for later : )

After my delicious breakfast I walked to the gym to get the circuit ready for my first clients.

After training all the mornings clients I had time to have a quick coffee and RAW Health bar before my own session. This is a delicious bar by the way I would definitely suggest you go try one of these sweet and perfect exercise fuel : )

5 minutes cross trainer - warm up
20 minutes kettle bells
15 minute run
90 minutes Bikram

I left Bikram a sweaty mess, jumped on the bus and went home to get ready for my weekend in Hastings.

Oh and have lunch! I needed something quick and filling enter a giant kale green monster!

Topped with coconut sauce (coconut flour and water), seeds and an apple on the side for dipping. This did the trick, tummy successfully full I got my bags together then got on the road to Hastings.

I took my own dinner with me as I had some veggies, chickpeas and tofu to use up. I heated my tofu and chickpea curry up then topped with some hummus. YUM this was really good : )

After dinner the sisters went out to town to meet a few friends but after one drink we decided that going home, throwing on our pyjamas and chatting was a much better idea so that's what we did, with a shop detour on the way!

We stayed up chatting and laughing for quite a while, my sisters are so funny and my best friends it was a fab evening.

I woke up today with the urge to go running. I ate an apple for some exercise fuel then off went. I ran just over 3.5 miles. It was a glorious morning and I loved my run. I'm hoping to get back into running, I used to run loads but after some bad shin splints I have never got back to running on a regular basis. The yoga I'm doing now seems to be making me a lot stronger so I'm hoping it will help keep my shins strong I had no pain today which is great.

Back from my run I freshened up, made some coffee......

.......and more porridge!

I bought my power porridge with me. I had a bowl with a chopped banana, cinnamon and a tsp of peanut butter

So good! Just what I needed after my run.

Me my new jumper and some porridge, I kinda look like the devil in this photo! ha ha

Not long and my sister will be back with the kitty's so I'm off to spend the day loving tiny animals and hanging out with the family. I hope you have a fab Saturday I know I will : )


Do you have family that live far away?

I know Ireland doesn't sound that far but to me it is. I miss my little sister and mum so much I sometimes wish they lived on this island but I guess the fab holidays make up for it........kinda


  1. Apart from my aunt and uncle who live in Brighton and Birmingham all my fam are local which is great, although I love my auntie being in Brighton for holidays!

  2. I LOVE those RAW bars and pecan butter is AMAZING!

  3. That pecan butter looks soooooo good!
    My family are all close by - but my sister did live in australia for a bit which was strange.

  4. Hiya, I'm blogging to avoid the footie on the telly :D What are the pretty little pink cake things? I have family spread out worldwide but my immediate kins all live pretty close. However I still don't see them as much as I should... Bad Sarah x

  5. The RAW bar looks great but I think they are quite expensive. I don't think you look like a devil in the last picture - you look cute!

  6. Hello sister Leah *waves* nice to meet you :-)

  7. I love those RAW bars. It looks like you are having a fab weekend!!! x