Monday, 7 March 2011


Good afternoon or maybe you are reading this when you got home which would make it evening, anyways greetings dear readers! I have an hours window so thought the best thing would be to do my post no, later I get home late and will have no time, so here I am : )

I had intentions of sleeping in a little today after a good nights sleep but alas I couldn't get settled last night and then my faithful body clock was up nice an early so that plan went out the window!

After getting my bag ready for work I had one thing on my mind........the kale in the fridge and my processor you know where this is going GREEN MONSTER!
Always satisfying and delicious : )

After this had settled I walked to town and went to Bikram. I sweated loads today and really felt those stretches all in all a good class. Next up was the gym and some new potential clients to talk to.........

My lunch was calling and I devoured it pretty quick! Hazelnut tofu salad with hummus.
I then trained one more client then walked home........

I was really hungry when I got home so mixed up some muesli and coconut flour with water and topped with an apple. The coconut flour makes this so creamy if you haven't you gotta get some to try!

Review time!
The lovely people over at RAWR sent me some yummy bars to try!

My eyes lit up when I opened the envelope to find this natural packaging. Simple but cool me thinks. I have yet to find this in the shops so I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth in!

Chocolate with Goji Berries & Vanilla

Organic Orange and Dark Chocolate

I tried the Purity Raw Organic Dark Chocolate last night and WOW this was good! It just melted on my tongue. Intense flavors of deliciousness I can't wait to try the rest! When I think of a bar of Cadburys after tasting something like this there is no contest I'm staying raw! I will be filling you in on my thoughts of the other flavors : )

Right I gotta get my stuff together before heading back to the gym. I'm walking there and busing back yes this will be my third walk of the day, whoop!


Have you tried RAWR, what did you think?

Melt in your mouth fantastic!?


  1. I love RAWR chocolate. So far I think it is my favourite raw chocolate brand. I love how everything is hand made and natural looking. I hope you like them! x

  2. The RAWR chocolate sounds amazing! And your green smoothie looks as delicious as always. x

  3. I reviewed Rawr a few months ago - it got me hooked on raw choccy! Loved it :)

  4. ow! That muesli combo sounds awesome. Seems like everything is going so well with the gym & training- very happy for you :)

  5. There's nothing better than free chocolate! Enjoy!

  6. Never tried rawr brand but it looks yummy! Must give the muesli and coconut flour a try!

  7. The Rawr choc looks gorgeous! I love raw choc but I haven't tried that variety yet..