Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Proud Trainer

Hey how are we?
This is a flying visit as I have once again got to be up at 5am so need to get my butt to bed!
Its been a long day, here's the low down:

Green monster to start the day and a hot water : )
Then a walk to work.

I made double this amount, the rest was put in a cup and taken to work for after I trained my clients. 9am the rest got scoffed before going to job number 2

Mid morning snack

Lunch was exactly the same as yesterday, I had the last of my tofu to eat up : )
I also had a small bowl of muesli and grapes.

This was so good I had the muesli leftover from my trip away

Before heading back to the gym I ate some carrots and the last scrapings of my hummus

No clients tonight as one canceled so I made the most of it and went to a circuit class. It was really good, very tough but I loved it I felt a lot stronger today which was good.

An easy dinner of steamed broccoli and chickpeas in a vegan pesto sauce.

Quick and easy just what I needed as I was starved when I got in!

Followed by a another pear and vanilla iced pud

Topped with cinnamon : )

So there was my day, has your hump day been eventful or just run of the mill like mine?

Oh one last thing 1 of my clients had their weigh in today and in last month she has lost a 1/2 stone, gone down 5" on the waist and 8" on the hips! So happy for her she looks amazing! Today I am a very proud trainer and its only the start for her : )

Right bed time night all x x x


Do you like circuits?

I love circuit classes they bring variety and its fun to be told what to do when its usually me doing the telling!


  1. I love circuits! If you get a good instructor each class is different and I always found them challenging and great for all-round fitness. I'm not doing them at the moment because I'm injured :( But I'm hoping to be back soon!

  2. I've never done circuits before but I would love to try!

  3. I love circuits. They're great when you're not feeling too inspired to decide what to do 'cause you can just get on with it!

  4. Love circuits thats why I loved bootcamp so much, each secession was different and challenging.

    Well done to you & your client - good results :-)

  5. I have never tried circuits before, they look hardcore!!!

  6. I have never done circuits (not since I was at secondary school and we did them for a PE module- that is what has put me off them I suppose as I was not sporty in the least!).
    Yay for your client :)