Tuesday, 8 March 2011

No Time No Pancakes

Ok this is a flying visit, I hope you have all had a fab day mine has been long but good : )
I have an early start and need to get hair washed before bed so I'm keeping this short and to the point........

5.20am Up to get ready for Bikram

6.15am leave and walk to town for my class

9.30am Arrive at job no.2 coffee and breakfast

Muesli + coconut flour + maca + soy milk = goooooooood!

A gift from my manager, he's been on holiday. These stayed at work unopened!

1.40pm lunch time

2 boiled eggs + salad

Followed by an apple topped with yogurt and banana chips

5pm snack before heading to gym, trained a client

7pm walked home

7.30pm home and hungry

Dinner = steamed veggies in vegan tomato pesto with the last of my hummus

Followed by a strawberry kale smoothie

And now its time to wash the mop before climbing into my warm bed : )

No post tomorrow guys no time so see you Thursday have a nice Wednesday x x x


Did you have Pancakes?

I didn't obviously, didn't fancy them either.


  1. It's pancake day of course I had pancakes. They made for a quick and easy dinner! YUM!

  2. LOVE pancakes, sweet or savoury depends on the mood. I'm saving myself for Saturday at Giraffe
    ... should be fun :-)

  3. No I didnt have pancakes, but I might at the weekend if I feel like it.

  4. Nope, pancake free here too.

    The kids indulged of course, so I took myself away and read on the bed until they were all gone.

    I do like pancakes, I think its the sweet/sour of lemon and sugar, but I tend to struggle to stop at one. Or ten.

  5. Nope me neither! I might have some belated pancakes at the weekend x

  6. No pancakes over here! I actually didn't really realize this was associated with the holiday! Busy busy day! Sweet of your manager to bring you treats. banana chips are awesome! I always forget about them.

  7. My husband makes THE BEST pancakes... I got spoilt and ate 3 :)