Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Favorite American and Chocolate Ginger Brownies

Hey peeps I have a killer headache so this being a photo heavy post I'm keeping the words to a minimum so I can get my butt to bed hope you don't mind?! I haven't clocked in since Sunday where I had a fab guest post if you didn't catch it go see here now!

As I mentioned I met up with my favorite American on Sunday. Yep DEBS! We had a couple of hours to hang out and have a good old chin wag. It was great I love spending time with this lady she is totally on my wave length and a laugh a minute she brightened up my weekend : )

Monday I woke up to this!

Today it was like this! What a change.
Anyway Monday I was up early to train clients I ate 2 boiled eggs before walking to work.

After training my ladies I ate some berries and coconut flour/chia seed mix then went to Bikram before walking home.

lunch: sardine veggie curry (more on the fish thing soon!)

Before heading back to work I ate a some muesli and an apple.
I had a sports massage at work on my legs...........PAIN!

A gift from Debs!

Dinner: homemade soup + 2 Raw Health crackers (intensely Italian)
I'm loving these crackers, very tasty!

Raw chocolate protein ice cream : )

Today I had the day off! I woke at 6am but managed to go back to sleep till 8am, which is good for me!

I had a big bowl of power porridge, banana and peanut butter


I had to walk into Brighton so before I had an intensely italian cracker with peanut butter!
The weather today has been amazing! So sunny I smiled the whole walk to and from town : )

On the way back I got a juice, not like me but I fancied it : )

sardines, rice noodles and veggies

apple, coconut flour, cinnamon and seeds

I've been feeling a bit low and stressed so I baked

Dinner was going to be soup and Raw health crackers but the soup tasted weird so i dumped it!

Enter a giant green/purple monster topped with chia seeds and pollen : )

So I mentioned I baked and this is what I made!

Chocolate Ginger Brownies!

I will post the recipe but I need to go and lay in bed my head feels like its going to pop! I will say I wish I could tell you these were healthified but alas they are not, they taste amazing though!

Hope you have all had a good start to the week x x x


Have you ever had a sports massage on your legs?

My legs have been in a bad way and the massage was way over due but jeez the pain! Actual bruises people!


  1. I have never had a sports massage- not brave enough!
    Hope you feel better x

  2. I am always so jealous when you and deb meet up! I want to be there! I had crackers + PB today, too. Love you!

  3. I've never had a sports massage but I'd really like one, sometimes my legs feel so tight! I love those raw crackers, first time I had them I had bought them at infinity! I'm on to my last one, need to order more!

  4. I have had a sports massage recently, but I wish they'd been rougher to be honest. I want some bruises! Given how tight my legs are, I was expecting to be really pummelled, and I think it's better for them to go really deep into the tissue in order to make a difference.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinion on the fish: it's something I'm struggling with whether to reintroduce into my diet so your experiences would be great to hear about.


  5. I've never had a sports massage before, but at the end of some weeks I do feel I need one.

  6. I've never had a sports massage on my legs, but I used to have them on my back and shoulders when I was competing. Those brownies look delicious! And love the look of your smoothies as always x

  7. Hi Tam, is that a pre-made Brownie mix... do you just have to add water or something similar? ♥ SJ

  8. Hey SJ it is a pre-made mix but its from the states it was a gift from my sister you can get a good one here I'll mail you the one I have used before x x

  9. Hi Tam, was searching about PB2 and just saw your reply :) Should I email you my address? Tweet/Facebook me... p.s. hope you are feeling better x x