Sunday, 13 March 2011

Kittens and Cupcakes

Happy Sunday!
Well its been happy for me so I hope yours has too! I have had another day spent with sisters and also KITTENS! Oh my god my sister Jes got her new babies yesterday and they are ADORABLE! So lets rewind to Saturday afternoon..........

The arrival!

It was hard to tear ourselves away but we did and went for lunch at out favorite cafe, its called Waterfalls and makes amazing freshly cooked meals.......

My dad and brother in law had chickpea croquettes and me and Jes had the veggie soup, mine was minus the bread. Leah had a scone and butter. The soup was delicious just what I needed.

After lunch we went from a ramble down the old town and found some cool metal sculptures, this one was my favorite

How good is this one?!

We walked around the shops for a while then the others popped into a bakery I had thought ahead and grabbed a vegan chocolate cherry flapjack from the health food store.......

Wow very yummy!

After a good couple of hours we went back to Jes's to have dinner and hangout with our new friends.

I made my own dinner as the others were having bacon and pasta which is not for me these days! I picked up a vegan GF cashew nut roast from the health food store earlier in the day and teamed it with steamed veggies to make a fab meal.

I had an apple topped with soy yogurt and cinnamon

Today started with a large glass of water

Followed by a hazelnut coffee.......

and more power porridge! Yep same as yesterday and the day before : )

After breakfast had settled I had one client to train so off I went. I also dropped in to see my papa afterward.
(random photo above of some California goodness!)

Back and hungry I made a snack plate for lunch: carrots, mushrooms, avocado, hummus and rice cakes. The avocado was perrrrrrfect.

My sister had been paid to make some cakes so all afternoon that's what she did.

Look how pretty they are! She's so clever : )

Awwwwwwww kitty's sleeping

There were lots of extra cupcakes made.........

While the kitty's slept.......

We ate cake! Yep how could I resist this beautiful piece of heaven?
Well I didn't I had a cup of coffee and a cake so there!

Now dinner is cooking, curry is on the menu and it smells amazing. I hope your Sunday has been as good as mine, did you do anything fun? I am departing to spend the last few hours with my little sis before she departs tomorrow back to the land of green.


Favorite curry dishes?

I would have to say mine are bombay potatoes, chickpea dahl, thai green curry with tofu


  1. Those kittens are adoreable! I love thai green vegetable curry or a korma. I used to go to a great indians that made to most amazing sweet nutty rice pilaf, in fact I need to remind myself to try and recreate!

  2. Those cakes are so pretty :)
    I am not a fan of curry.

  3. Those kittens are so cute!
    I love chickpea dahl, so yummy. x

  4. Oh I am SO glad my sister doesn't bake such wonderful cupcakes. Otherwise I'd be eating them all the time ;). Lookin soooooo good!!

    Awww those kittens are the cutest! Our cat is getting soooo big (he should be put on a diet hehe).

    Curry.. oh just thinking of it makes me hungry. It's hard to choose just one - they're all so good..

  5. I love those sculptures, they are amazing but the functionality & beauty of cupcakes wins the day :-)
    Curry: I'd have to say hubbys lamb saag he makes (from BBC Good Food) it is divine either with rice or naan bread ....... nom-nom-nom

  6. Curry? Hmmmm.

    In terms of basic homemade ones I'm quite keen on a Madhur Jaffrey recipe for hard boiled egg and potato curry. Had that for tea last night.

    Beyond that I always enjoy a dall curry that hasn't gone too soupy - something like yellow split peas that still have a bit of bite to them. Overall favourite is probably one I've had a few times that yses a squash called 'tinda' (or something similar). I could eat that by the bucket load!

  7. Loved the kitten pictures, they're adorable!

    I love veggie rogan josh, bombay potatoes and Mike's thai red curry which he makes with philadelphia or similar cream cheese instead of coconut milk 'cause I cannot stand coconut!

  8. Such adorable kittens and the cupcakes look amazing!!!

  9. Ooh, those cupcakes would totally be my weakness. I am so glad that I don't bake because I don't think I'd have much restraint around home-made baked goods!