Friday, 18 March 2011

Just Another Work Weekend

Hello everybody I bet your all happy its Friday right?!
Its another work weekend for me so its just another Friday to me, I'm looking forward to next weekend when I have it off! Anyways I only have time for a quick post tonight as I'm planning a run in the morning so I need to get to bed!

This morning I had time for a hot breakfast which meant a bowl of Power Porridge, peanut butter and an apple before walking to work.

I trained my favorite exercise duo this morning. I love to train them, its clients like them that make me love my job!

Then I made my way to job no.2

Mid morning snackage

Homemade soup and oat cakes and tahini for lunch

This soup is sooooooo good, I'll definitely be making soup more regularly

Afternoon chocolate?
Oh yes please plus its all in the name of a review so it would be rude not too!
Plamil's Organic Orange Chocolate with Cranberries!
Yum Yum Yum
Fabulous chocolate this tasted delicious highly recommend you taste this choccy : )

After job no.2 I went back to the gym to see one last client before walking home, I was going to stay for a workout but just felt tired so came home. I really am a morning/afternoon workout person. Evenings just don't work for me, sometimes they do but its more often they don't!

Dinner: rice noodles, steamed veggies and smoked tofu in a tom and basil sauce

This had got to be the best smoked tofu I've ever eaten, so much flavor and really meaty yum!

Ok thats my day, oh I also had some chocolate and ginger ground rice pudding but the photo was awful so I spared you! Fingers crossed the morning is clear of rain and I actually get up and go for my run. I have to be at work for 9am so its gonna be an early one! Have a fab Saturday my lovelies x x x x


Are you up to anything special/exciting this weekend?

I'm working at job no.2 tomorrow then off to Hastings on Sunday to train 2 clients and hopefully drop into my dads and sisters : )


  1. My most exciting thing is a 16 mile run! Also an evening with family, and so some baking to prepare for that!

  2. That chocolate looks amazing!
    I have my parents coming to visit me tomorrow, we're going out for dinner so I'm looking forward to some yummy eats :) x

  3. Yummy looking eats! I'm spending this weekend mainy with family and relaxing. I hope work isn't too bad! x

  4. Hope work isn't too bad! I liked that chocolate but found it a bit too sweet for me :-)