Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fondant Fitness Fancies

Good evening, another weekend gone I'm sure to quickly for some of you?!
Mine was ok but then ended on a high which dear readers you will find out about either Monday or Tuesday because today I have a special post. My blogger pal SJ from Fondant Fitness Fancies has found the time to right a guest post for me and I for her, you can read mine here enjoy x


Hi everyone, my name is Sarah-Jane (SJ) from over at Fondant Fitness Fancies (formerly 'stuffed silly sarah') and the wonderful Tamzin has kindly allowed me to hijack her space today as part of a blog exchange. This is a huge honour for me as I have been a fan of tam's almost ever since I started blogging. My admiration grew even more when I realised that we had signed up for the same Personal Trainer course but that she would be starting ahead of me and be able to provide much needed cheats and tips * ahem* inspiration : )

I thought it would be nice if i started with a photo, but most photos that exist of me over the history of time look like this:

I dread having my photo taken; which is why those of you who may be familiar with me would have suffered countless versions of my wedding pictures. Therefore, in aid of the honour bestowed upon me today I thought I would mark the occasion be taking a cheeky snap in the bathroom to amuse you all : ) Nothing rude now............Please be kind!

Daa Dah!

So here it goes. Enough waffling (Mmmm, waffles); Tam has provided some great questions for me to answer. I hope you enjoy getting to know me as much as I love getting to know you all. If there is anything you would like to know at the end of today please pop over and see me anytime at my blog; plus don't forget to check out Tam's big reveal!! .x.o

1. How did you become interested in health/fitness and nutrition?

Good nutrition has always been important to me. I became the sole vegetarian in the family at the age of 11, much to my mothers initial despair, so I quickly had to learn how to prepare well-balanced dishes for myself. My first love of exercise came when I was about seven in the 80's and I was given a "Get in Shape Girl" kit for my birthday - does anyone else remember those?! Ha ha, loved it! Hated PE and sports at school though - eek. I went through a dreadful stage around the age of 20 when I comfort ate to the extreme. Before I knew I was struggling to fit into my size 18 graduation trousers. That was the first time I realised I had become 'fat'. So I changed my life, and changed my ways. Before i knew it I was back to a size 10. Since then I have studied nutrition through a variety of educational institutions and used to run for charity. Now I have turned my hobby into my business and i love every bit of it.

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I was flicking through an issue of Company magazine one day when I cam across Samantha's article ( Sge wrote about how she used an online journal to become accountable for the food she ate in an effort to achieve and maintain weight loss.......I thought it was a great idea! I had some time off work to study so i tucked myself away in a beachside retreat and started a detox that I captured and recorded. And that's how it all began......little did i know how addictive blogging was to become and what a wonderful wide world of information and inspiration there was out there to find. Yep, I definitely blame Sam : )

3. What keeps you motivated to keep fit and eat healthy?

My motivation comes from the sense of achievement I feel when I achieve personal bests. Me health and fitness is extremely important to me. I realised this even more as I grow older and especially since my recent scare at Christmas ( rushed into hospital with multiple pulmonary embolisms). There is so much I want to achieve in life that includes me being the best 'me' possible. I set regular realistic and achievable targets for myself that keep driving me on to do more. When you realise that you can do anything you set your mind to the possibilities become endless. That's what excites me. Plus, at the end of the day, when I am staring down the barrel of a cadbury's twirl bar, I merely ask myself - is this brief happiness really worth giving up the extreme joy I am going to feel fitting into my little black dress at the end of the week? The answer is usually 'no'.......but not always; I am human!

4. We're all human and all have some guilty pleasures I know I have, what are yours?

What a smooth link! Thanks tam! Funnily enough it isn't a cadbury's twirl bar.........I can give or take chocolate. My weakness is.......CAKE! I can't get enough of the stuff. If I am not eating or baking it, I am definitely thinking about it. It's such a big part of me, who I am and wellbeing journey that my blog name and header always revolve around it. I am getting better at resisting its sweet iced charms but i would never completely deny myself. Its better to have a little of what you like often then binge out and feel guilty about it later. It helps you feel in control of your eating patterns which makes you happy and in turn means that you are more likely to stay on track and achieve you fitness goals.

5. Do you have some favorite exercise tips you would like to share?

Ohhhhh......I would recommend that everyone owns a set of stretch bands. You can pick up a decent set really cheaply and they are so versatile. You can base a whole workout around them and clients love them. If you are afraid of bulking up during resistance training these will help you achieve a great body tone whilst boosting your workout.

I also always recommend working out with a partner. Training together is always much more fun; it keeps you motivated plus you can add some great variety to your exercise
sessions. If you don't have nay friends who share your interest, a personal trainer is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Work outdoors wherever possible. It has proven that you can burn up to 30% more calories during an outdoors workout then you would in a gym. Plus you get much better scenery........

And finally, if you have always dreamt of running the London marathon book in for a 5k fun run today. Take small steps towards your goals, commit to doing your best to achieve them, and you'll be running across the finish line dressed in a comedy chicken suit in no time!

6. What are your top 5 healthy food staples that are always in the store cupboard?

Budget is an important part of me healthy eating regime. I have high nutritional expectations but only have a low budget for food. I am a family woman, employee and business woman with a lot of outgoings so i don't have money to splash out on the latest trends. Groceries are so expensive lately. Therefore, everything I buy must have more than one use.

I am a proud Marmite lover. I use it in many ways from a simple spread to flavoring in stir fries and bolognaise. The same could be said of tahini; you can use it in so many ways and I find that it is a great deterrent to reaching for the salad cream bottle. Just one small serving of salad cream adds up to 50kcal so I would rather use that wisely. Lemon is also a great store cupboard find. Drink it in warm water first thing in the morning and add to flavour salads. Cayenne pepper also perks up any dish I make and can also be used in water with maple syrup and lemon to make a cleansing drink. Lately, i always stock up on tinned beans/lentils/soups/fruit so I always have healthier options to turn to before giving in to half of the hubby's pizza : )

7. What is your favorite way to burn the ponds away and work up a sweat?

Definitely spinning and running - interval training is key. I would probably have a half-decent chance of being an amateur tri-athlete if i was not such a hopeless swimmer. i usually just belly-flop in and hope for the best - not pretty. Alternatively I always enjoy activities that remind me of my youth like rebounding, skipping and dance classes. You don't realise how hard you are working out because you are having so much fun.....which is always a great bonus!

8. What do you like to do when your not blogging/exercising and trying to be a healthy bunny?

I love spending time with the children........i am a mother and grandmother by marriage so spreading the love takes up a lot of our weekends. I am also a budding business woman so you can usually find me working on an exercise plan or continuing my professional studies. On the rare occasion, when I completely switch off, i catch up on my reading and meditation which makes me mentally strong for the week ahead. I would love to do more traveling in the future though.

9. What is the best thing you have got out of blogging so far?

That's easy - I can answer that one really quickly: meeting lots of lovely new inspiring people who share similar interests : )

10. Do you have a health/fitness/nutrition idol you would like to tell us about?

Jillian Michaels! I am a Biggest Loser geek!! I love her take on performance coaching and fitness training to help people achieve both their life and health fitness goals. her outlook is very similar to mine in that respect and her achievemnets to date have been extraordinary. I also admire Matt Roberts. He was the first personal trainer I ever heard about in my youth and I thought it was so classy and exciting that he got to train all the stars.........Perhaps I'll have my own chain of private gyms one day too : )

Wow! That's all folks - our time together ended very quickly.......Thanks for reading! Don't forget to visit me over at Fondant Fitness Fancies sometime where there is always a cup of herbal tea and a cupcake waiting for you.

See you again soon, ? SJ x

Thank you SJ loved your post! I also think you should share more photos of you pretty self!

Ok I'm off thought I would tease you with my blogger meet up first though!


What are your top 5 health food staples?


1. Oats
2. Cinnamon
3. Canned pulses
4. Nuts/nut butters
5. Coconut oil


  1. i lvoed meeting SJ!! love your haircut girlie!! my top 5: oats, peanut butter, bananas, nuts!

  2. Yay!!! I feel famous :D Sorry you had to type it all out again; lol... Thanks Tam. Can't wait to see what you and Debs got up to :) x x

  3. ooooo....mine would have to be dried fruits,nut butters, seeds, rice milk and to get those green smoothies in! x

  4. Great post, she has some really good tips.
    My top 5 would be oats, apples, bananas, ryvita and nuts. x

  5. I actually have a post looking at budget health food staples I'm going to post tonight so won't give you a sneak preview just yet! Great guest post - I can remember those get in shape girl tapes!

  6. Ha ha - Laura - you and me only it would appear!!! :) Can't wait to see the post... I started Body for Life today and will be eating nothing but cottage cheese for the next 12 weeks though I think :/ x

  7. I love Jillian Michaels too! :)
    My staples are oats, kidney beans (or any beans), pears, nut butter and peppers.

  8. Love the pixie hair cut!

    Top 5: Egg whites, Greek yogurt, protein powder, almonds, my Protein muffins.