Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Oh my god its MARCH!!!!!!!
Two months gone people, can you believe it? I certainly can't, time is flying by! I have to say my last day of February was fab but I am glad to be starting a new month. I have decided to write February off and start again for March to be honest February was not good on the food front so its a CUT THE CRAP March but more on this later lets rewind to the last day of February:


The day started early and green : )

I trained a client first thing then had some time to kill before my favorite smoothie girl turned up......

30 minute spin

Then when my friend arrived we had a little workout:

10 minutes cross trainer
10 minutes abs
5 minutes stepper

We couldn't wait any longer we needed coffee!

Look what I got!!!!!!!!! Debs you really know how to feed my cocoa roast almond addiction!

American goodies : )

If you didn't guess already my favorite smoothie girl is this one.......DEBS!
We only had a couple of hours to chat, we made the most of it and after 2 yummy coffees she was on her way : (
(How good is the sign behind us!? I didn't know it was there until I took the picture......classic!)

After our farewells I went to town then back to eat lunch, I grabbed something easy from home, muesli, banana and an apple.

Eaten in my smoothie cup, classy!

Once this settled I went to Bikram : )

Then back to the gym to train peeps

I ate dinner: hazelnut tofu, raw veggies and a little hummus. Again easy to make and take to work.

Pumpkin brownie for pud : )


Today again started early, I was up for an early Bikram class. Before leaving I ate 2 rice cakes and peanut butter then walked to class.

I freshened up then went to job number 2. I ate breakfast number 2 there muesli, banana, soy milk and a coffee.


Debs also gave me some mags to look at and as it was dead at work mid morning I had another coffee and read them.

Lunch was another tofu salad

I ate an apple and some peanuts and raisins in the afternoon I had another apple later too! Then after work I walked home. No clients meant a night to myself : )

Dinner: steamed veggies in a vegan pesto sauce + 1 sea cake

I love these sea cakes!

Followed by a pear and vanilla iced pud!

So a new month means a goal review and some new ones to be set right?

February goal review:

1. Lose 2 pounds: Fail!
Again another 2!
2. Walk to work 3x a week + Bikram 2x a week: Win!
This was easy other than the week I went away
3. Eat the remaining tins of fish then go back to being veggies: Win!
I actually only ate one and decided to give the rest to the cat!
4. Eat sensibly Monday to Saturday and have Sunday off: Fail!
Hmmmmm this was a bad one enough said!
5. Get 2 more regular clients: Win!


March goals:

1. Lose 4 pounds: this is going to continue until I do it!

2. Eat clean: you guys no what I mean and I going to try my hardest this month!
Natural foods, raw chocolate, no processed baddies and so on.

3. Walk up and down the stairs at yoga: I always get the lift so this month I walking!

4. Get another 2 more clients!

I think these are manageable, plus after all the crap that passed my lips during February I need a clean month!

Right I have to get my hair washed and sorted before another 5am wake up call. I bid you farewell, till next time x x x


How did you do with your February goals, have you set some for March?

You've read mine tell me yours!


  1. Good luck with your March goals!
    That vanilla pudding looks gorgeous.
    Mine are to eat more veg as I've been pretty bad lately at getting my 5 a day and to go for an outdoor run twice a week. I really hope that that'll be do-able now that it's March and spring should be on its way! x

  2. Goal setting is such a great way to stay focused. I'm with you on that one... but what on earth is a sea cake?! :) x

  3. I've had similar issues the past few weeks with eating some crap. I definitely want to get back to eating healthy during March - nothing radical, just wholesome food :)

  4. I can see why Debs is your favorite smoothie girl as you both are totally in sync with each other(very sweet indeed:)your March goals are quite similar to mine(enough said there:)! Love the *American haul(anything with almonds, coaco, *ice cream mix, good sweetener, stevia gets a thumbs up from me.

    If it's anything like the NZ ice-cream mix you're gonna love making and tasting this gem that comes from a packet.

  5. I so want to try stevia! I'm going to have to orde some off iherb! Well done on what you have achieved, you shouldn't be down on yourself, you do loads of exercise and eat way better than most people. You March goals sound great though x

  6. Smoothie girl! What sweet gifties- and that sign is totally perfect. I am missing Bikram! I will be getting back in there after the baby. Eating clean is always a fabulous goal! My only real goal right now is to stay healthy for the baby

  7. Good luck with those goals. Mine are basicallt continueing with the marathon training- thats enough for me to focus on! :)

  8. Well thank you for the sweet mentions you! And thank you for the training sesh and coffee date. I need to tell you that the little french bakery further down the road on the same side of the street has the most amazing meringues (*cocoa and blueberry) and lemon tart ever. For when you want a special treat of course.

    And I think you look great= you are a bit hard on yourself- you do eat well and train well too. I love that photo- mine were funny b/c the "eat more cake" sign was totally in focus but we were out of focus- hahah!

    I may be seeing you again soon- I'll let you know. :-)