Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Coconut Flour Crazy!

Good evening readers!
Awwwww I have really missed being here this past couple of days, what have you been up to, anything nice? I have been a busy bee at work (no change there then!) with no time to even turn my computer on let a lone blog : (
But I am here ready for a recap of the past couple of days rewinding back to Monday first........


After saying farewell to my little sister, sob sob! I drove back to Brighton early and made breakfast straight away : ) A giant green monster topped with dessicated coconut and chia seeds with an apple for dipping.

Breakfast: Green Monster
Snack: My last Uber bar
Lunch: GF pasta + veggies
Dinner: Mango, coconut flour cream + seeds

Exercise: 30 minute walk, 20 minute run + 90 minute Bikram Class


Breakfast: Muesli, soy yogurt, chia seeds + banana
Lunch: Salad, lemon + coriander hummus, oatcakes + tahini + nakd summer berries bar
Snack: 1 apple + trail mix
Dinner: Green lentils, steamed veggies, vegan pesto + hummus
Pudding: Healthy pumpkin brownie + coconut flour cream

Exercise: 1hr walk + 90 minutes Bikram


I started the day early with a walk to the gym I got there just before 7am and ate a banana before training my first clients.......

Clients trained I had breakfast, 2 apples + coconut flour mixed with dessicated coconut and cinnamon for dipping : )
(yes I also see the coconut flour addiction that is rearing its ugly head!)

Once breakfast had settled I made my way to Bikram and sweated like a beast for 90 minutes

For lunch I had raw veggies with the last of my hummus, rice cake and peanut butter and also 2 sesame cakes that are not in the photo. Do you like my new water bottle?! I've been meaning to get a metal one for ages and this one had to be mine when I saw it!

After walking home I was HUNGRY! I had the same as yesterday minus the hummus.

I have just eaten the RAWR Zest orange chocolate bar from my stash of raw chocolate. Jeez this is so good this chocolate I will definitely be hunting this out when what I have has gone. If you haven't tried this particular chocolate I think you should treat yourself to a bar and savor every mouthful!

This has been nice, being finished at work so I could be back home by 7pm has been a delight! So nice to come home and blog, I hate it when I am pushed for time and can't blog it kind of keeps me sane! I'm dreading April as I have to work full time at job no.2 for the first 3 weeks which means I wont have time to think and blogging will have to take a back seat : (
Ah well I'll deal with that nearer the time, I'm off to read your wonderful blogs and watch MasterChef see ya tomorrow, which is a promise I have the afternoon off......YAY! I have a review for ya too but more on that later. See Ya x x


Do you have a metal water bottle?

I had a small one but it leaked so invested today in a new one. The less hormones leaking into my water from plastic bottles the better me thinks : )


  1. I really want a metal water bottle and yours is super cute!

  2. Yes. I use it if we're walking in the dales in the summer as it clips onto the rucksack rather than having to be put inside or tucked into a side pocket.

    Besides which a metal bottle seems more hardcore than an Evian bottle - brings out the child playing at being an adventurer in me.

  3. Love your water bottle. I really need to invest in one as hate re-using plastic bottles. x

  4. Love the metal bottle :)
    I looked for one last year but in the end got a plastic one with none of the oil plastic that leaks, plus it goes in the dishwasher. BUt I did hear that metal ones keep the water cooler too, so I am still looking :)

  5. I bought a pink BPA free plastic bottle the last time I was in Brighton actually. I love it but I quite fancy a metal one too! Coconut flour is slightly addictive isn't it!

  6. hi i don't have a water bottle, would like a girly one like yours. however i do have a coconut flour addiction! bought some the other after seeing it on your blog and i love it, so versatile. thanks for bringing it to my attention. heather x

  7. I love orangey chocolate, especially the raw variety!

  8. what yummy eats!! no i dont have a metal one.. just a sports plastic kind!

  9. I love the metal water bottles. I have a little one and a big one which is good for taking on long walks. They seem to keep the water cooler a bit longer than plastic. The fact that they are a lot prettier than plastic is also a plus!