Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Best Smoked Tofu!

Hey weekend readers how's it hanging?!
I'm all good, survived a very quite and very boring day at job no.2 and am now chillaxing at home, after a yummy dinner. I have an early start (which I'm sure your tired of hearing!) in the morning. I 'm off to Hastings to train 2 clients then I shall be coming straight back as I have a special friend to meet but you'll find out about that in good time..............

I actually got up and went for my run, even though it was pretty cold and frosty outside. I ran for 40 minutes which was probably just over 3 miles. Good way to start my day : )

Ready for work and breakfast i made a giant green/purple monster, this was amazing!

I had some unpictured nuts and raisins around 11am

Lunch 3 plain oat cakes and soup

Followed by an apple and some go aheads

The go aheads were a bad decision they gave me gut ache : (

I was asked by SJ where I got the best smoked tofu I ever tasted! Well SJ I got it from infinity foods which I think may only be in Brighton so I thought by showing a photo you might be able to hunt some down. If you do buy it slice a chunk off and devour!

I also thought you should know infinity food sell the BEST hummus I've tasted too. Creamy and delicious yum!

Dinner was the same as yesterday but with a dollop of hummus : )
Yes I too am one of those people that eats the same thing days in a row, a few bloggers have discussed this subject lately and I have to admit I do it. To me if something is open and needs to be eaten it makes sense to eat it right? So that's what I do, I don't get bored of the same food sorry if you get bored of seeing it but that's just me and I ain't gonna change : )

Pud: raw chocolate, vanilla and banana protein ice cream = so good!

I gotta get my stuff together for tomorrow, I will be doing a workout with one of my clients so i need to sort out a change of clothes and what not. I hope your having a good weekend and your Sunday is filled with fun stuff to do!

I can't wait till tomorrow, I'm seeing my dad for a coffee in the morn, training 2 great clients, meeting a fabulous friend and also have a different kinda post for ya tomorrow all in all it looks like a good Sunday will be had x x x


How did your Saturday start?

My run was fab, but my shins are feeling it now I think I needs to heal them still : (


  1. i love that humous! i went for a run today too!! did 5.2 miles in 46 mins.. but it was toughhh buckets.. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL day today!

  2. :) My Saturday started with porridge and maple pb, followed by a 16 mile run! I am still on a high now :)
    Enjoy your Sunday

  3. found it!!! and a great new supplies website - thanks Tam x x

  4. I'll be seeking out that hummus and tofu when I'm next in Brighton. I think I'll be bringing a cool box with me so I can stock up on all the chilled goodies from infinity!

  5. My Saturday started with a bowl of muesli and a four mile walk - nothing too exciting.
    Those Go Ahead biscuits are my guilty pleasure, but they do give me indigestion too.

  6. i woke up at 7am on saturday, even though i had time to lie in! then we had eggs benedict for breakfast, because i couldn't stop thinking about them after watching julie & julia :)

  7. My Saturday started with an awesome run! Followed by baked pear oatmeal - I had to wake up extra early to fit those in though, as I had to be at work by 9am (and believe me, I am usually a 11.30am wake up kinda girl...)
    And I NEED to try smoked tofu! I had olive tofu the other day though - by the same company I think - and it was SOO good. Drool!

  8. Tam - LOVE your eats, they always look so yummy!

    I've mentioned in my post tonight I'd get in touch with you about starting off a career as a PT.

    Please please please would you give me some tips on where to start?!? I need to sort out my career and I'm forever job hopping in roles that "just pay the bills" and I want a career I'm proud of and I think this would lie within being a PT or working in nutrition. :)

    Did you go see a careers advisor? I think I read somewhere you did an at home course, was this from a website? Any tips would be great! :D

    Lea x