Sunday, 27 February 2011

Would You Talk to Him?

Evening readers, have we all had a good weekend?
I have worked it all but its still been good.
Did you work or have you had a nice couple of days to yourself?

Lets rewind to Saturday morning shall we............

It all started with a giant green monster.

Topped with seeds and coconut flour mixed with cocoa and a little stevia to make a yummy sauce!

Tummy filled I made my way to job number 2.

Mid morning snackage: nuts and raisins

Lunch: kidney bean salad with vegan pesto sauce

I love this pesto its a definite favorite : )

I also had a healthified pumpkin brownie

These are so good!

After work I was invited to a friends for dinner, I made my way there and enjoyed a lovely evening with some lovely food : )

Sade made thai green curry from scratch and it was amazing, not too spicy, really flavorsome.
I was stuffed after this, I didn't stay very late as I had an early start.


You guessed it, the day started with a green monster! I ate half before leaving for the gym and half after my workout:

30 minute spin
15 minutes kettle bells

I then trained my client after freshening up. My day got better by the reappearance of a particular member. I have to come clean there is a guy at my gym who is GORGEOUS! He is just my type and I haven't seen him for ages so thought he had left but he came in today with a new hair cut and well..........Grrrrrrr he is lovely! I just wish I had the confidence to talk to him! I'm pretty sure he would have a girlfriend though and wouldn't loo twice at me but a girl can dream right!? Anyway lets get back to my day..........

After training my client and tearing my wondering eye away from the hot member I made my way to job number 2.


Lunch was a yummy salad, I used my new hazelnut tofu, spinach, carrot, pepper, mushrooms and a dollop of hummus. This was perfect, I also had a pumpkin brownie and later in the afternoon a kitkat! Jeez roll on March I have some sugarless plans on their way! I have decided to forget February and start again for March but that will all be in my goals post.

Right I am so EXCITED about tomorrow but you'll have to wait to find out why! Have a fab Monday and if I have time I will blog tomorrow night but I am back late so don't hold me to it!


Would you talk to him?

Ok I need some advice! I really think this guy at the gym is cute but what do I do? Would you talk to him or am I crazy as I work there and he's could get very embarrassing if he's got a girlfriend and I said something right? But then if I didn't I'd never know.......Arrrrrrggghhh stuck so need some advice!


  1. I say there's no harm in striking up a conversation with the guy to see if you like his personaility. Your green monsters alsways look so thick and filling. I wish I could have them for breakfast but there is no way it would keep me going - I need to munch on actual food!

  2. Yes talk to him! Maybe you can try to talk to him about work or something? You know you at least have the gym going in common! :)

  3. Definitely talk to him! You only get one go round- why not?? Maybe if y'all become friendly enough- you can find out the real scoop on his gfriend situation! Those healthified pumpkin brownies look fabulous! I'm actually baking pumpkin bars as I type this! Enjoy your Sunday

  4. Yeah just have a chat about the gym or the training or something like that, and see where it leads. NO need to jump in straight away with propositions- just be friendly and see what comes up in conversation.

  5. Its sooooo easy to say go talk to him but now is the PERFECT opportunity to say "hey, haven't see you around for a while, everything all right/been on holiday/etc etc ....."
    NEVER sell yourself short, you are beautiful and brilliant.

  6. oo er Tam! the casual hi, hello, a smile works wonders and will give you both the opportunity to struck up a conversation pronto(play it cool as if he's a female or male buddy, you can't go wrong:). aaaaaaaaa sweet post Lovely!


  7. GO TALK TO HIM!!! you wil never know if you dont!

  8. Yes say something friendly but casual.......and what is in your green Monsters Please (don't say that though)
    Lynn x

  9. Talk to him! You'll regret it more if you don't as you'll always be wondering "what if I had..."
    That pumpkin brownie looks amazing! x

  10. He's probably thinking "I bet she'd never look twice at me" so go for it! I know that's easier said than done but if you slyly "happen" to end up on the machine next door it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to him :-)
    And maybe the fact he's just started coming to the gym again could mean he is single...??!
    Good luck if you do!

  11. I would so talk to him! Life is too short, I say go for it! Eats looking so yummy in this post, those green monsters look amazing!

  12. No harm in talking to him, even if he does have a girlfriend, it's not like you're running up to him and kissing him! Strike up a conversation and see how it goes :-) Let us all know!

  13. Oh no... is this the guy with the girlfriend? Keep smiling though as you'll never know what still may happen. He could think you're a crazy smiling lunatic or he could think you're hot :D

  14. Personally I rubbish at talking to men, so maybe I'm not the best person to give advice. What I would do is at least say hello and try and gauge if he's interested in striking up a conversation. Good luck :)

  15. Just found your blog and I love it! Your eats all look fantastic :) I would say just talk to him and see where the conversation goes!