Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Velvet Green Monsters + Long Hair Lovin

Well can you believe your eyes, there is a blog post on Salad and Sequins!!!!!!!!!
Yes peeps I am still alive and kicking, just! Wow as always I am a busy bee its just the past few days have been even crazier than usual. I have been exercising, training clients and working at the furniture store any its been non-stop. I have put the photos from the past few days into groups because there are so many! Get comfy............

The bunnies are a little bigger!


Chickpeas + veggies + sauce

Quorn mince + chickpeas + veggies + vegan pesto

hmmmmmmmm hot lunch : )

Aduki beans + veggies + vegan pesto

I also realised my hair is getting so long!

I'm loving my long hair : )


20 minutes summit trainer + 30 minutes weights/TRX + 10 minutes rowing intervals + 15 minutes spin
90 minutes Bikram Yoga
1hr Walk to work
90 minutes Bikram Yoga

Snacks, puddings and everything in between:

Coconut raw, fresh delicious
Cocoa Loco Nakd bar

Never did I think I would find a dark chocolate so rich and delicious that 3 sittings are needed to finish a bar..........I found it and OH MY GOD am I happy I did! If you like raw chocolate, like mint chocolate and love dark chocolate then this bar is what you need in your life find it here : )

Apple + soy yogurt + almonds + cinnamon = the perfect snack/pudding

The more cinnamon the better : )

More Nakdness and drinking coffee

Sesame cakes!!!

Strawberry Nakdness : )

Perfect snack a couple of hrs before yoga: apple + nuts and raisins

Velvet Green Monsters!

I have been adding beets......

and peanut butter to my smoothies to make them like velvet!

Lots of spinach and raw chocolate covered berries : )

A side of perfectly ripe avocado after yoga tonight was just what I needed : )

So there we have it, I hope you enjoyed my little recap?! I am up early to train a client in the morning then more yoga and a little gym session me thinks. Oh before I forget I got a new client today! So that goal is half way done! I need at least 3 more regular clients then I can actually be comfortable and relax for a while : )

Last but not least thanks for all your kind words about my new header I love it and am glad you do too! Thanks again Jes, love you x x x


Long hair or short? How do you wear yours?

I have been trying to grow mine for so long, I was for ever having to get it cut because it was in quite bad condition from when I used to bleach the life out of it! So glad its finally getting some length : )


  1. Love your hair, especially the fringe! I had mine long but got it chopped late last year, because my hairs quite fine its much better shorter, it is getting a little long now though! Lovely looking eats as always!

  2. Yummy looking eats. I'm loving all of the Nakdness! Long hair is great as you can do more with it. Some days though I just want to chop my birds nest off. X

  3. I like your fringe alot, I would love to do that but wasn't sure how much effort it takes in morn.
    You ate a lot of nakd today :) Sainsbury have 9bars on offer at the moment 3 pack for £1.14 , normally they are abotu £1.80 I bought 5 packs lol!

  4. I think its good to change your hair every so often..if you love it LEAVE it alone, and if you hate it LEAVE it alone..only change it when you are in a great mood then you can cope with anything ha ha I'm talking from experience!
    Foods gorgeous....
    Lynn xx

  5. I really like long hair, I feel like I'v been growing mine for ages! Everytime I went to the hairdressers for a trim they cut it too much,but now that I'v changed hairdressers its finally growing! I need to make an appointment soon for a trim tho!

  6. I'm one or the other with hair, I had long hair for a while (ramifications of enforced short hair while growing up :-() and now I'm short again ... thinking of growing it ..... never satisfied ;-)

  7. Hey! I've been reading your blog for ages but never commented. I've just started my own though, so thought what better time than now to comment :-D
    I love allll your eats, and I always love to find fellow Brits blogs featuring things I can ACTUALLY purchase!
    That chocolate looks sooo good... next time I can afford to spend a bit of extra dosh on yummy food I am SO going to get that!
    Hope you're having a good week!

  8. I like your fringe - it really suits you!
    I'm trying to grow my hair a little and the length seems to go up and down quite a lot. My main problem is I think the money spent on a hair cut is wasted unless at least a few inches come off!

  9. Love your hair! I have ranged a lot- when I was younger I was not allowed long hair as it was so thick it was a pain for my mum to wash and dry etc. So once I went to uni I grew it very long, and then for years had it shoulder lenght, but now I am growing it longer.