Friday, 11 February 2011

An Unexpected Afternoon Off

Good afternoon bloggers!
I have an unexpected afternoon off and thought what better way to spend it then getting in a blog post! Having time to write a post without any rushing and needing to get into bed is a rarity these days so I shall soak it up : )


I for got to mention the other day that I went to see Black Swan


Natalie Portman was amazing in it, I loved her anyway but maybe even more now!


I thought the film was really good but have to admit it turned my stomach more than once!


It was definitely worth my stomach turn though the clothes were beautiful!
Have you been to see this film yet? Are you a dancer do you know this world? I am not and never have danced but a client of mine that has seen the film really could relate from her time as a dancer.......its for sure a tough world and I'll be honest I'm glad I'm not a part of it : )

Anyways onto today...........

I wasn't up as early as usual so had time to have breakfast without rushing which was nice!

1/3 c oats made with 1/3 c each of kara coconut milk and water + 1 heaped spoonful of peanut butter and a small apple on the side

Breakfast was delicious and after eating it I got ready and left to get to the gym to see my first client.

Then it was yoga time! Yep I was off to Bikram again today, wow it was like an oven in there today I was sweating buckets! I had a really good practice today, I love the tiny progressions I get in every class I go too. It is in every class too, I can hold a pose for the full 1 minute or straighten my leg a little more they are small progressions but each and every one make me smile and feel alive!

Before my yoga class I popped into Infinity Foods to buy some soy yogurt and came out with all this! They had some goodies on special offer and i couldn't resist : )

2 pots of soy yogurt, 1 gluten free cake mix, 1 box of organic free range eggs, hummus, 2 apple pie nakd bars and 2 vegan dark chocolate and honey combe bars!

I'm looking forward to trying one of these!

I freshened up after my sweat fest then made some lunch:

I had an urge for eggs, I haven't eaten any in ages. I made a mushroom and egg burger......

.........and teamed it with some steamed veggies in a little vegan pesto.........

..........oh and a couple of hummus dollops!

Then I fed a recent addiction............

Beet + Chocolate Smoothie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topped with with a little soy yogurt and raw chocolate covered mulberries!

Man this was good!

I plan to do nothing for the rest of the day, I was going to bake some brownies but have decided not to as I'll probably just sit and eat way to many! No dvd's and a peppermint tea beckons and maybe a little of that honey combe chocolate but I guess you wont find out until hmmmmmmm Sunday! Yep I'm off to Hastings straight after work tomorrow and I'm not taking my laptop which means Sunday eve is when I plan to be back : )

Have a fab weekend my lovely readers and enjoy the rest of your Friday x x


Do you know ballet?

I have never danced, my sister used too and I remember once trying on her points and thinking she must be insane to put these uncomfortable shoes on even if they were beautiful! I would like to try it now purely for the exercise benefits and to maybe wear some of those beautiful clothes and actually look good in them!


  1. I did ballet when I was little, I would have continued to do it but I got very ill and had to leave the class, once I got better I never went back, which I think was probably a good thing! Love your infinity foods haul, honey combe chocolate sounds delicious! Oh and can I ask - how do you make your chocolate beet smoothies?

  2. I trained in ballet from the age of 4-19 when a back injury put me out of the picture. In hindsight it was a good thing because that is what turned me on to yoga and pilates so I wouldn't be doing what do now I guess!

    It's a really tough world. And bitchy as all hell!

  3. I did ballet until I was 5, then we moved to Denmark for 6 months and when we came back I never carried it on. I loved the wrap around cardi the best! :)

  4. I haven't seen the movie yet but really want to! I've heard it has a few tough scenes but is amazing! I danced growing up. It can definitely be tough. YUMMY breakfast. Oats + apple are delicious together. I would have used those apples as oatmeal scoops. And I miss Bikram! I will definitely be taking a class after pregnancy ;) Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Enjoy your afternoon off and your weekend

  5. I love to watch ballet, no good at it though :-( I'm actually quit nervous to go watch the Black Swan.

  6. I really want to see Black Swan, but it doesn't really float my boyfriends boat, so will have to find some friends or go on my own :-)

    I have that problem with health food shops as well - I always buy way more than I meant to!

  7. I haven't seen Black Swan but it does look really interesting. I hope you have a fab time in Hastings. Love the health food haul!

  8. I have to say I'm not a fan of soya yogurt... although I've only tried the Alpro brand so I think I might try another make and see if I can be converted?! and your eats look lush as usual :-)